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Senior Year Classes

ncelottoncelotto 41 replies13 threads Junior Member
My school just sent us an email about classes for senior year. Because of COVID, the seniors in my school will get the privilege of not having to take a minimum of 6 classes, we just need to take as many as we need for graduation. I have doubled up on many subjects the previous years, so all I would need to take is a standard English class and one other class (chorus, math, etc). Would it be logical to take this opportunity and only take 2 or so classes (maybe 3 or 4)? I am thinking of applying to schools such as Northeastern, Boston University, Baylor, Boston College, etc. Should I still take my 4 AP classes to have 7 total classes? Would only taking a few classes (2-4), look bad to the colleges I'm thinking of applying to?
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Replies to: Senior Year Classes

  • ncelottoncelotto 41 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Also, if I were to not take as many classes, should I let the colleges know somehow? For example, write somewhere on my application that these were the circumstances at my school, just so they know?
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84645 replies752 threads Senior Member
    Rigor of senior year schedule does tend to be considered by colleges that do subjective admissions reading. It may also affect what your counselor marks for how demanding a schedule you chose and your overall academic strength on the counselor's report to colleges that use that.

    Have you completed the expected high school college prep base curriculum?
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  • KBTDPTKBTDPT 120 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Take some Dual Enrollment classes at your local CC. My daughter found them to be easier than AP classes and as long as they articulate you won’t have to worry about getting a passing AP score for them to count. You might even be able to get a few GEs out of the way!
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2808 replies48 threads Senior Member
    No, taking the bare minimum would not impress a college admissions officer.

    What “circumstances” would you propose to explain? Covid? Everyone is facing that. “My school allowed me to take only 2 classes?” That wouldn’t impress an AO, IMO.

    Is there a reason not to take the course load you had planned to take? Just being given an easy way out doesn’t mean you should take it.
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  • ncelottoncelotto 41 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @ucbalumnus @KBTDPT @RichInPitt thank you guys. I just found out that since I play a sport I would have to take a minimum of 5 classes anyways. And I'm planning on taking 3 AP classes so I'm just going to keep all of my classes I originally had scheduled. I will look into possibly doing a Dual Enrollment course if I can.
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