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Underage Drinking Citation

golani89golani89 - Posts: 619 Junior Member
edited September 2006 in College Admissions
I got a summary citation for underage drinking tonite. I am 17 yrs old. Everything went smoothly as i was being brethylized and cited. No arguments, politness, casual conversation about colleges with cops. They even mentioned my politeness and that they will bring that up in their police reports. So whats are 1. the legal rammifications. 2. what are the effects on college. My safety schools are- pitt, boston u, GWU, penn state. My match schools are NYU, McGill, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, and Reach are cornelly, duke, wash u. Assuming this is a fair representation of my chances prior to the citation what changes now? Last summer I got arreseted for shoplifting and i got a misdemeanor. I did my community service and i never actually went through probation. I had a 6 month period of "good behavir" after which my record was sealed completely to everyone. So with these details in mind can someone, preferably a lawyer or someone who went through this experience, explain to me what i can expect. Thank you.
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Replies to: Underage Drinking Citation

  • chillax88chillax88 Registered User Posts: 413 Member
    ive always heard ANY citation is open for colleges to look at even "sealed ones" even though you were super polite to the popo im assuming you still get ****ed my colleges for obvious reasons.

    ps. on the night you get arrested, you post on cc and mope about it? psh.
  • golani89golani89 - Posts: 619 Junior Member
    Does anyone have anymore imput
  • GoldShadowGoldShadow Registered User Posts: 6,160 Senior Member
    Stop doing dumb things?

    edit: and if you absolutely have to, don't get caught perhaps?
  • golani89golani89 - Posts: 619 Junior Member
    rite rite, can someone here answer my question though
  • DakotahDakotah Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    The first thing I would do is call an attorney. I am not an attorney;however, there are known cases wherein the police will illegally cite you knowing there is no law behind their citation. That doesn't stop them from writing you a citation. Next, (always plead not guilty). That advice came from a court administrator friend of mine. Do not go into court thinking the judge will be your "attorney" and assert your rights for you. That is not their role.
  • golani89golani89 - Posts: 619 Junior Member
    any lawyers here that would like to give some input?
  • ChedvaChedva Super Moderator Posts: 28,605 Super Moderator
    I am a lawyer, but I would not even begin to give out legal advice over the Internet. You need to consult an attorney who knows the laws of your state (we don't even know where you're located, and every place is different). For example, in some states, your misdemeanor may be "reopened" for penalty assessment since you're now a "repeat offender", and that could have an effect on whether you need to report the issue to colleges.

    No one on this board can answer definitively what the issues are concerning that particular citation. Call a lawyer - try your local bar association; they generally have a Lawyer Referral system.
  • golani89golani89 - Posts: 619 Junior Member
  • tokyorevelation9tokyorevelation9 Registered User Posts: 1,102 Senior Member
    Golani, do you understand what Chedva is saying to you?

    According to the post, Chedva is a licensed attorney, which means it would not be in Chedva's or any other attorney's interest to give YOU free legal advice on the internet. That is extremely unprofessional, and asking a lawyer to do that informally conflicts with responsibilities and is a breach of Chedva's occupation. I don't think anyone will go out of their way to tell you what the laws of Pennsylvania state in regard to your situation. You need to do exactly what Chedva said and find an attorney, or don't expect any help with your issue.

    In my personal opinion, most colleges have a tract in their application that asks you to reveal misdemeanors, expulsions, etc. If a college finds out about your citations and you did not give an adequate explanation on your application, I can assure you that a spot at said college would not be granted.
  • pilebaypilebay Registered User Posts: 621 Member
    I really doubt that it will make that big of a difference one way or the other. As long as you don't get another one... It probably won't break your application. That is a pretty common offense actually. Anyway just explain it on your application (they have a little box thingie asking about any crimes). Just try to make it more of a positive thing and say how you have learned from it. I have friends that got the same thing and they all made it into the schools they wanted to get into.
  • JeepMOMJeepMOM Registered User Posts: 2,499 Senior Member
    GOLAN - most likely your other offense is sealed under a juvenile record process and does not apply to this citation - and does not have to be revealed on an application. Your newest situation is most likely a hearing type of thing - and most likely will result in a fine and community service to expunge the record.

    If you have to reveal this second one on a college application - you may want to decide to write an essay on the experience and what you have learned from it.

    If you choose not to gain legal advice - you should at least google the laws of PA about this and see what you can find - you can procede from there.

    Drinking citations are dealt with much differently than drug things on college apps. I would be curious tho as to what the citation says and what it says you have to do.

    Good luck
  • jrparjrpar Registered User Posts: 2,126 Senior Member
    Talk to a local lawyer. Pennsylvania has some of the toughest underage drinking laws around. I think the citation Golani received is technically a violation of Penn's DWI law - it doesn't matter if you were walking and no where near a car. Your driver's license will be automatically suspended for at least 3 months (again, even if you were walking and had no access to a car). You can get the citation dismissed by doing a judge-approved "rehab" class, but the license suspension is automatic. Your parents will be notified of the citation (required by statute).
  • Weasel8488Weasel8488 Registered User Posts: 2,747 Senior Member
    I think the shoplifting is much more damaging than the drinking because colleges might think it says something about your character/honor. I don't think the underage drinking is a big deal, and I think colleges probably encounter it fairly often. To repeat the obvious, talk to an attorney.
  • flgirl04flgirl04 Registered User Posts: 477 Member
    think of it this way...if a college has a choice between someone with a record and someone who has never commited an offense, which would you choose?!

    But an adequate explanation on your application is definately necessary...
  • TourGuide446TourGuide446 - Posts: 3,099 Senior Member
    I have no idea how it will affect you, but I'm struck by the irony that colleges (where underage drinking is almost as common as taking English 101) would get all fussy about someone who got caught BEFORE going to college. Shoplifting, though, is another matter. I hope you don't live in a state with a "three strikes" law...now if you get caught littering or jaywalking you could go to the slammer for like...a week.
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