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Will colleges give you a little lenience for a crazily busy schedule?

j07j07 Registered User Posts: 2,139 Senior Member
edited November 2006 in College Admissions
I know a lot of people probably have schedules a lot worse than mine, but I'm just wondering if schools will give you a little lenience if you are super overworked during your senior year. I know everybody is stressed out but I'm doing so much that my grades are starting to slip a little bit (well, I might make a low B/high C in AP/IB calc BC this six weeks grading period). My unweighted GPA over the years so far is a 3.96, so this shouldn't hurt me that much, hopefully, but I'm just curious.

So if you have:

-6 IB classes, allowing at least an hour of homework for each per night
-IB Diploma Candidate, so all the Internal Assessments and Extended Essay and such
-varsity sport (at least 10-15 hrs/wk plus having to go to bed at a decent time because of 5:30 AM practice)
-student body VP (about 10 hrs/wk)
-speech & debate team (everyday after school for an hour or so MINIMUM)
-various meeting/events for other clubs/activities

And all that's pretty normal, but I also work at a restaurant six days a week. I need the job because I need to save money for school...but that eats up a ton of time in my schedule and because of everything else plus work I am exhausted and not doing as fabulously in my classes as I would have hoped.

Will colleges...understand this? Will they even care? I know it looks better to be dedicated to one thing than have a bunch of activities, but I'm not worrying about my resume right now, just about how worn out I am and I'm wondering if colleges will be a little lenient to my senior year grades.

Another random question:
This year I developed this weird medical condition in which I basically have seizures in my legs daily and they get really bad at times, to a point where I can't walk or move. I've been to six different doctors in the past month and they're still trying to figure out what it is, so I am ALWAYS at the doctor/hospital for blood work, CT scans, MRIs, physical therapy appointments, etc. I've missed a lot of school just becuase I leave for like one class or two classes to go to the doctor. If my grades slip a little because I am simply not in class and even tutoring isn't helping much, can my GC maybe mention that in her letter of rec?

Sorry this post is so whiny...I guess all us CCers are collectively a whiny bunch.
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Replies to: Will colleges give you a little lenience for a crazily busy schedule?

  • Venkat89Venkat89 Registered User Posts: 7,327 Senior Member
    If you get a B or two, you should be fine. If you get a C, it may hurt. There are people in your position, but they do more and maintain straight As. Yes, I hate them too.

    Read the last pragraph of your post, and I think that is a legit issue, so long as you got Bs. Cs and Ds are not as forgivable depending on where you apply. Have your GC explain it.
  • j07j07 Registered User Posts: 2,139 Senior Member
    The frustrating thing is that it's ONLY Calculus that's killing me. I'm making 97 or above in every single one of my AP/IB classes and then there's....calculus.

    So it's like...really high As and then a potential C.

    I'm just really bad at math, and 8th period is the class I miss the most often. Like of the past 10 days of calculus, I have only been there for 3 of them because of doctor's appointments.
  • kinly07kinly07 Registered User Posts: 110 Junior Member
    well top schools like HYPS get students with perfect SAT scores AND GPAS. So although a high SAT score will help, this would only apply to weaker schools. like top 100. Where of course a C average would be difficult to get you in but the perfect SAT would be well above the average.
  • j07j07 Registered User Posts: 2,139 Senior Member
    I'm a little confused about where perfect SAT scores came into the discussion? I certainly don't have those...double 800s CR/W but low math score.

    I don't know if it matters at all, but I'm a low-income URM (the main reason I'm working). Does that...change anything?
  • admanrichadmanrich Registered User Posts: 425 Member
    I think you should be fine. If you can make that B-, I don't think colleges will think much of it considering you have SO much other stuff going on. I can't even imagine how stressed and busy your days are! And being a URM will definitely help with that low math SAT score. Try your hardest to get the Calc grade up to at least a B-. Go in for extra help if you can or ask for extra credit.
  • huskem55huskem55 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 4,284 Senior Member
    look at smaller schools that dont base their admission decisions solely on numbers; rather the applicant as a whole.

    just out of curiousity, if you have these major physical issues, how can you be so involved with varsity sports?
  • hsmomstefhsmomstef Registered User Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    you need to do whatever you can to get a B in calc. Talk with the teacher and come up with a plan, do not schedule anything during calc class time -- only a trip to the emergency room should interfere in a class you are having trouble in. focus on Calc -- you can do it. Your activities may have to take a backseat, but grades are more important -- really.
  • j07j07 Registered User Posts: 2,139 Senior Member
    To whomever asked how I do varsity sports with the medical issue, it's been really hard...basically every morning I swim until I start having a seizure in my legs and then I have to get out of the pool. However, I am still in the water every single morning and compete in all the meets. I didn't swim for about two weeks to see if that would make them go away but it didn't so the doctor doesn't think that it's swimming-related.

    I guess a better way to phrase my question would have been to say how much weight senior year grades specifically carry? If an applicant's transcript is excellent, with maybe one or two high-Bs (88s, 89s) over the four years of high school and the absolute hardest courseload possible, how much will one bad grade in one six weeks grading period of the senior year matter? Last six weeks in calculus I got an 89, which isn't really spectacular by any means, but this six weeks I will probably end up with about an 80-83. I'm just curious if that will really hurt me, even though every other class (for basically my whole high school career) I have high-As.

    The transcript that is sent off will not include my grades from this marking period, only the Mid-Year Report will have them, but...I don't know, is it going to be a huge deal if I get a low B?
  • 1938219382 Registered User Posts: 1,795 Senior Member
    It really depends on what schools your applying to. Being a URM, it probably won't even matter for anywhere.
  • awb1989awb1989 Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    meh.. I dunno about my grades, I think I still get As (my gpa is was ~3.83), but I prob have a B or two more than usual this year... but yeah I'm way busier this year than any other year. that doesn't concern me, though, my grades are still pretty solid. my SATs might bite me in the ass, though
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