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is there any hope?

hrhcowhrhcow 581 replies123 threads Member
edited November 2006 in College Admissions
i was caught plagiarizing my english essay. i am extremely disappointed in myself. it won't help when i rationalize and say that it was very late and i wanted to finish the essay. i owned up to the misdemeanor. however, i did get caught once my sophomore for cheating on a quiz. back then, my gc said she would not mention anything about it in her recommendation. I guess i didn't learn anything from that incident, as this apparently happened. my gc said that as this is the second time, she has no choice but to mention this in her recommendation. i was not penalized by suspension or expulsion. but this is an extremely hard blow. she says she still has hope in my applications, but i really just don't know.
please don't bash me about the cheating incidents. i know what i did was wrong. i know it's hard to believe that when I've been caught two times. but, please, can you give me insight in how this will impact admissions?
edited November 2006
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Replies to: is there any hope?

  • letitenfoldyouletitenfoldyou 37 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Only one way to find out. Don't sweat it.
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  • bannana_girlbannana_girl 883 replies210 threads Member
    i dont know how cruel your GE would have ot be to put that in your letter of rec. Doesnt' she want u to go to a good college so the school has a better reputation? Maybe she's just trying to scare you out of ever cheating again.
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  • JedoJedo 79 replies3 threads Junior Member
    If she writes your a cheater in the rec, I have no doubt that will look bad when you apply, since obviously no college wants cheaters. As to how much it will affect you, I don't know.
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  • maributtmaributt 386 replies18 threads Member
    dirty cheater!!!

    you better not apply to princeton!!!
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  • shoebox10shoebox10 3394 replies165 threads Senior Member
    i'd write in that extra "Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you"...say you learned your lesson (or atleast hopefully) and you want to move beyond your days of childish days and you see college as a rare opporunity and will take full advantage of it, not fill advantage of other kids' work

    ok, dont put that last part...but dude, this is a big oops
    or, better yet, have the teacher that caught you write a recommendation stating she/he caught you, but they still think youre a decent kid
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  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom 24049 replies804 threads Senior Member
    Your being caught for cheating will hurt you at most top colleges, particularly those that are private. Why should a college take a chance on a cheater when it has the opportunity to accept outstanding students with no stains on their records? Colleges take cheating and plagiarizing very seriously.

    As for the person who suggested that the GC is wrong to include that in the report: The GC's job is to accurately reflect the student, not to lie about the student or misrepresent the student. Many reports that GCs have to fill out for college specifically ask about a student's ethics. If the GC ignored ethical problems, that would be unfair to the students who haven't been cheating.

    Incidentally, I find it hard to imagine that you just happened to get caught the only times that you cheated. I imagine that colleges would react the same way.
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  • coopertemplegrlcoopertemplegrl 366 replies20 threads Member
    apply to schools that dont require a rec just to be safe
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  • hrhcowhrhcow 581 replies123 threads Member
    northstarmom when you said:
    Incidentally, I find it hard to imagine that you just happened to get caught the only times that you cheated.

    i'm not exactly the best cheater in the world. in fact, i'm terrible at it. when it happened, it was kinda a spur of the moment reaction.
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  • NJresNJres 6108 replies189 threads Senior Member
    Just curious, what was the nature of your cheating? Did you submit the Gettysburg address word for word? Did you buy an essay off the internet? What exactly did you do? Top colleges are looking for kids who are smart enough to not get caught cheating. They either change enough of the words so the pirated text cannot be identified, or they hire the best writers to compose original material. This second option is tricky, because you never know when a highly paid writer might get lazy and borrow material from another author's best seller, and there goes your Harvard education.

    hrhcow, I am actually sympathetic because it is generally true that the bad cheaters get caught and the expert , experienced cheaters don't get caught. I also know many kids cheat, but many don't and I certainly don't condone it. As a poor cheater myself, I never felt it was worth the risk.
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