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Clarification- Reach, Match, Safety

katia11katia11 517 replies94 threads Member
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OK, I know what these are in general, but what exactly does each mean?

Is a match a nearly sure bet, or a 50/50 shot? How high above the averages should you be to deem something a safety?

I did the counselor thing on Princeton Review and got some surprisingly selective colleges as matches (think Ivys). I think I have pretty good stats, but I'm not perfect, and was suprised.

Just wondering if there was a more definate definition to help me with my college search. Thank you!

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Replies to: Clarification- Reach, Match, Safety

  • ohh miss zannaohh miss zanna 2799 replies67 threads Senior Member
    Princeton Review matches by various things including your major and where you want to go to school and other things like that.

    There is no real way to know any of this. You can be accepted to a school you thought you had no chance to and you can be rejected from a school that you thought you'd surely get into.

    Generally, safeties are state schools that you have guaranteed admission into because of how you rank at your high school.

    Reaches for everyone are HYPSM and most of the other Ivies/top LACs

    When I tell someone they are a match, I mean a nearly sure bet, but I can't speak for what everyone else thinks =)
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  • BacktothestarsBacktothestars 445 replies9 threads Member
    Reaches are schools where your test scores/GPA fall below what they usually accept. You've got a chance at getting in, but it's a bit of a long shot.

    Matches are where your scores fit in with what they usually accept. It may be a 50/50 shot, however, just based on how competetive this year's applicant pool is. Matches are kind of like maybes.

    A safety is a school that you're fairly sure you'll get into. Your scores/GPA exceed what they usually accept. Most safeties are state schools, like miss zanna said. They're also schools that you are more likely to get scholarships/merit aid from.

    Hope that helps. xD I think everyone has a slightly different view on this, however.
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  • worth2tryworth2try 893 replies38 threads Member
    I echo everything backtothestars said, but want to add one more thing.

    Some schools are soooo competitive that even if one exceeds their stats, they are still considered reaches (think HYPSM).
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