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Most underrated college/university?


Replies to: Most underrated college/university?

  • hawkettehawkette 4568 replies295 threads Senior Member
    USNWR describes their numbers for graduation rate differential as follows:

    "Graduation rate performance (5 percent; only in national universities and liberal arts colleges). This indicator of "added value" shows the effect of the college's programs and policies on the graduation rate of students after controlling for spending and student aptitude. We measure the difference between a school's six-year graduation rate for the class that entered in 1999 and the rate we predicted for the class. If the actual graduation rate is higher than the predicted rate, the college is enhancing achievement."

    I'm not sure what role SAT scores play in this calculation of expected graduation rate and what "controlling" actions USNWR takes with regard to spending and student aptitude. If you or anyone else knows, please provide the detail.

    Re the number that you are challenging, do you believe that it unfairly hurts one type of school versus another and thus undermines the ranking result? Also, it is worth 5% of the total score. Should colleges be evaluated on their value-added (as measured statistically)? How would you change it?
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