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Most underrated college/university?

anewkidanewkid 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
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As i am nearing to the days when I will be busy filling out applications and focusing perhaps a little too much on the "name brand" schools out there, I am curious as to which schools you really feel just don't get the credit they deserve and warrant more attention and merit than they get? I am a kid who has had a strong juinor year but a weak beginning to h.s. and this will affect my overall GPA to being in the low to mid 3's however my SAT scores are coming in strong, math/reading about 1400'S. So any ideas of where else I might want to consdider? Thanks!!
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Replies to: Most underrated college/university?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 33270 replies4002 threads Super Moderator
    Wooster College and Ohio Wesleyan. Very good schools, somewhat undervalued.
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  • NoneNone 424 replies1 threads Member
    College that Change Lives Schools:


    Its goal is to let more people know about excellent schools that lack the prestige factor.
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  • haloraiderhaloraider 28 replies1 threads New Member
    San Jose State, cause thats where I'm headed. :)
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  • littleathiestlittleathiest 1111 replies32 threads Senior Member
    Well, just scanning the list of "Top LAC's here on CC, I'd say, as someone from the northeast... Bates College, Carleton College, Colby College, Colgate University, Davidson College, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, Kenyon College, Macalester College, Trinity College, Vassar College (since I've decided to attend, I've noticed that there's a ton of people who've never heard of it), Washington & Lee University, Whitman College. These aren't unknown schools, persay, but they're one that often get overlooked by those whose first choices are Ivy League schools.

    Also, out of the schools I visited which aren't on that one list... Dickinson College, Franklin & Marshall College, and Ursinus College are all VERY nice schools. You'd probably get in pretty easily with nice merit scholarships.
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  • hawkettehawkette 4568 replies295 threads Senior Member
    In my opinion, schools in America’s Sunbelt don’t get the attention that they deserve. There are many very good schools around the country and if decent weather has any relevance in where you will spend your four years of college, the following list might be a good starting point.

    U North Carolina (18% OOS students)
    Wake Forest
    Davidson College

    Clemson (35% OOS)

    Georgia Tech (31% OOS)
    U Georgia (12% OOS)

    Rhodes College
    Sewanee (Univ of the South)

    U Florida (7% OOS)
    U Miami


    U Texas (5% OOS)
    Texas A&M (6% OOS)
    Southern Methodist
    Austin College
    Trinity University

    Claremont McKenna
    Harvey Mudd
    UC San Diego (2% OOS)
    UC Santa Barbara (5% OOS)
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  • FJGFJG 31 replies3 threads Junior Member
    American University and the University of Scranton
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  • paulfoersterpaulfoerster 320 replies61 threads- Member
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  • Sheed30Sheed30 12334 replies91 threads Senior Member
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  • huskem55huskem55 4230 replies54 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Senior Member
    us news has connecticut college ranked 8-14 places too low...if that means anything about being underrated. (should be 25-30)
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  • a778999a778999 1501 replies19 threads Senior Member
    Cooper Union, Georgia Tech
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  • redknightredknight 437 replies24 threads Member
    Frankly, I think that every college has at least one professor that makes a huge difference in his or her students lives. I know it sounds clich
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  • par72par72 4207 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Holy Cross, Davidson, Colby. HC has nice location-1 hour from Boston.
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  • kelsmomkelsmom 15738 replies99 threads Senior Member
    Adding two more excellent, underrated schools: Hendrix (Arkansas) and Centre (Kentucky). Don't let their locations fool you ... these are fantastic schools ... but they are small (1100). If small is good for you, you can't go wrong with either of these schools!
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  • UcMichiganUcMichigan 425 replies72 threads Member
    Rhodes is somewhat unknown but its an excellent LAC
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  • trizkutttrizkutt 203 replies33 threads. Junior Member
    University of Scranton? More like "University of Scrotum." I've heard nothing but horror stories from that place.
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  • caliboi1313caliboi1313 450 replies75 threads Member
    most underrated college IMO is pepperdine in malibu. check it out.
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  • Arctic16Arctic16 148 replies0 threads Junior Member
    trizkutt you are the man
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  • SarahsDadSarahsDad 363 replies17 threads Member
    Most Underrated: Pomona. Or "best school you've never heard of"...

    Class of 2011 stats: http://www.tsl.pomona.edu/index.php?page=news&article=2412&issue=82

    25% valedictorians.
    Average SAT 740M, 750R, 740CW (highest, with HMC, of any LAC. Only major universities with higher SATs are HYPM and Cal Tech)
    90% in top 10% of class.
    15.8% acceptance rate (lowest of any major LAC).

    5th highest endowment per student of any school in the country (behind HYP).
    Plus SoCal weather and access to LA.

    Maybe not a perfect match for the OP, but still most underrated IMHO.
    Yeah, I'm biased. My D will be in the class of 2011.
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  • spikemomspikemom 637 replies48 threads Member
    Univ. of Toronto, Queens COllege in Kingston Ontario, Rutgers College at Rutgers Univ
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  • almisivialmisivi 98 replies18 threads Junior Member
    School of Hard Knocks
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