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Rank the universities of the WORLD


Replies to: Rank the universities of the WORLD

  • dancer0687dancer0687 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    haha JK....i kno boutz it frm 9th grade world geography
  • Grad'06Grad'06 - Posts: 572 Member
    where is HEC (hautes etudes de commerce) on this list. if you are talking about business schools and grad schools then this one is on the top.
  • stefanostefano Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    i wrote that list just to underline that there are top universities in europe too and not just in america, aniway the most part of french "grands ecoles" are excellent
  • kfc4ukfc4u Registered User Posts: 3,415 Senior Member
    "i wrote that list just to underline that there are top universities in europe too and not just in america, aniway the most part of french "grands ecoles" are excellent"

    thank you for pointing that out. unforunately, the vast majority of the posters here on collegeconfidential are american-centric. that's why harvard will almost always be above oxford in these opinion rankings, but if you ask other parts of the world, it might be the other way around.
  • Intel2007Intel2007 Registered User Posts: 283 Junior Member
    Has anyone looked at the US News rankings?
    Well here are the top 100 or so in the US according to them:

    1. Harvard University
    2. Princeton University
    3. Yale University
    4. University of Pennsylvania
    5. Duke University
    Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
    Stanford University
    8. California Institute of Technology
    9. Columbia University
    Dartmouth College
    11. Northwestern University
    Washington University in St. Louis
    13. Brown University
    14. Cornell University
    Johns Hopkins University
    University of Chicago
    17. Rice University
    18. University of Notre Dame
    Vanderbilt University
    20. Emory University
    21. University of California – Berkeley
    22. Carnegie Mellon University
    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
    University of Virginia
    25. Georgetown University
    Univ. of California – Los Angeles
    27. Wake Forest University
    28. Tufts University
    29. U. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
    30. Univ. of Southern California
    31. College of William and Mary
    32. Brandeis University
    New York University
    Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison
    35. Case Western Reserve Univ.
    Univ. of California – San Diego
    37. Boston College
    Lehigh University
    U. of Illinois – Urbana - Champaign
    University of Rochester
    41. Georgia Institute of Technology
    42. University of California – Davis
    43. Tulane University
    University of California – Irvine
    45. Univ. of California – Santa Barbara
    46. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
    University of Texas – Austin
    University of Washington
    Yeshiva University
    50. Pennsylvania State U. – University Park
    University of Florida
    52. George Washington University
    Pepperdine University
    Syracuse University
    55. Worcester Polytechnic Inst.
    56. Boston University
    Univ. of Maryland – College Park
    58. Rutgers – New Brunswick
    University of Georgia
    University of Iowa
    University of Miami
    62. Miami University – Oxford
    Ohio State University – Columbus
    Purdue Univ. – West Lafayette
    Texas A&M Univ. – College Station
    66. University of Connecticut
    University of Delaware
    Univ. of Minnesota – Twin Cities
    University of Pittsburgh
    70. Fordham University
    71. Indiana University – Bloomington
    Michigan State University
    Southern Methodist University
    74. Brigham Young Univ. – Provo
    Clark University
    Clemson University
    SUNY – Binghamton
    Univ. of California – Santa Cruz
    University of Colorado – Boulder
    Virginia Tech
    81. Stevens Institute of Technology
    St. Louis University
    Univ. of California – Riverside
    84. Baylor University
    Iowa State University
    86. American University
    North Carolina State U. – Raleigh
    University of Alabama
    Univ. of Missouri – Columbia
    90. Auburn University
    Howard University
    Marquette University
    University of Denver
    University of Kansas
    University of Tennessee
    University of Tulsa
    University of Vermont
    98. Ohio University
    SUNY College Environmental Science and Forestry
    Texas Christian University
    University of Arizona
    University of Dayton
    Univ. of Massachusetts – Amherst
    Univ. of Nebraska – Lincoln
    University of New Hampshire
    106. Drexel University
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    SUNY – Stony Brook
    University of Missouri – Rolla
    University of San Diego
    111. Catholic University of America
    Florida State University
    Loyola University Chicago
    University of San Francisco
    University of the Pacific
    University of Utah
    117. Colorado State University
    University of Oregon
    Univ. of South Carolina – Columbia
    120. Michigan Technological University
    New School University
    Northeastern University
    Seton Hall University
    University at Buffalo – SUNY
    University of Arkansas
    University of Kentucky
    University of Oklahoma
    University of St. Thomas
    Washington State University
  • xindianxxindianx Registered User Posts: 917 Member
    lol this is so funny, more than half of you haven't even put IIT in your first 5, lmaoooo, guys IIT is the best university BY FAR in the entire f-ing world (i have a myriad of reasons that many have read in hundreds of posts on this website including there ridiculous selectivity), then you can put Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, et cetera..idk why chanman said 'university of india, maybe' lol, if you were talking about IIT then it's not only a maybe it's the best in the entire world.
  • GentlemanandScholarGentlemanandScholar Registered User Posts: 1,228 Senior Member
    I love Intel2007. Newbies are great for a laugh or two. Has anyone looked at the USNews ranking? Ha, priceless.
  • Ivy_GradIvy_Grad Registered User Posts: 533 Member
    Let's take a moment to consider these discussions about IIT.

    Comparing IIT to any US institution (even CalTech or MIT) is like comparing apples and oranges. And I say that for any number of reasons, namely:

    1) First, IIT isn't ONE university. It is a COLLECTION of universities - much like the UC system in California - currently there are 7 IIT institutions across India. So to compare IIT to any SINGLE university is a flawed analogy to begin with.

    2) Second, IIT concentrates largely in technology and engineering. That doesn't mean that IIT isn't a leading institution in these areas - far from it - it absolutely is. However, when most people discuss colleges / universities at the undergraduate level people are generally talking about institutions which focus on providing undergrads with a well-rounded liberal arts education (which does include the sciences, but isn't wholly dominated by the sciences). Therefore in order to fairly compare IIT across the board with other universities, say in the US, it's best to keep them in the same categories (say MIT, CalTech, etc.) - in other words a set of institutions which represent a very tiny percentage of colleges/universities in the US.

    3) People point to IIT's incredibly low acceptance rates (i think it's approx. 2%) and then make the rather dubious assumption that due to this incredibly low acceptance rate (compared to the low teens for the Ivies) that IIT must be better. Well, if one just ranked universities purely on the back of acceptance rates, then I guess an argument could be made. But let's not lose the forest for the trees.

    Fact is, India is the 2nd most populous country in the WORLD - we are talking over a BILLION people folks! Next, each IIT has roughly 1,500 undergrads (with the exception of one), therefore the entire IIT system has about 10,000 undergrads - or roughly about 2,500 spots for incoming freshman. Now you don't need to be an applied math major to figure out the incredible competition that exists with those kinds of numbers going against you as an aspiring high school student from the 2nd most populous country in the world. I went to B-school with an IIT graduate and he simply summed it up by saying "every valedictorian across the country applies to IIT but due to the sheer numbers, a certain percentage just won't get in."

    So we have established that getting into IIT is extremely competitive (perhaps the most competitive school in the world). Fine. But one has to step back and ask the question: "Does that in and of itself a great university make?"

    In other words, sheer numbers like that MUST be taken into consideration with ALL of the above factors (comparing apples with apples, etc.)

    In recent years, China and India have certainly come quickly up the curve in terms of its economic (and political) signficance and output on the world stage and is certainly poised to continue moving along a much steeper curve vs. the West (which they should by definition given that they are coming up from a lower base).

    But - and here is the key point - let's keep it real.

    The fact that there are 10's of millions Chinese or 10's of millions Indians gunning for a small number of spots at their respective leading / champion national universities proves just one thing:

    There are a heck of a lot of Chinese and Indian people on the planet.

    Now that's not being (or trying to be) racist or facetious.

    I mean, clearly IIT's reputation as a leader in tech / engineering is well deserved. But even here, there's a bit of "chicken and egg" debate. In other words: A) is IIT a leading technology school because its programs have some unique comparative advantage or are uniquely designed to produce "elite" engineers or B) is IIT a leading technology school because: 1) Asian countries tend to place a high priority in the sciences to begin with (not to mention countries such as India which will pour a hugely disproporationate amount of capital both public and private into its champion institutions such as IIT) and 2) the "best, brightest and most brilliant engineering minds" across India all automatically congregate to IIT? I'd say it's some combination of both A and B.

    That said, could one compare IIT to say, Princeton or Dartmouth or Williams? I guess you could. But you can also compare those schools with RISD / Parsons and Julliard (all recognized academic leaders in their respective fields of arts and music), but what does that accomplish?

    In other words, IIT is a highly specialized school in an area in which it certainly excels (not to mention the very specific characteristics which are unique to its own particular demographics).

    But then again, so is RISD and so is Julliard. and you don't see them in the national college rankings. Why not?

    If you can answer that question, then you will have gone a long way in answering why comparing IIT to the leading US undergraduate programs is largely an exercise in futility.
  • MightyChip26MightyChip26 Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    ur wrong about the US News rankings Intel2007... Princeton is ranked number 1 in a tie with Harvard. It is NOT number 2.

    Miami, FL
  • apfreakapfreak Registered User Posts: 1,098 Senior Member
    How about Hillsborough Community College! LOL
  • apfreakapfreak Registered User Posts: 1,098 Senior Member
    Let's all just eat some CHEESE!
  • nomadnomad Registered User Posts: 1,564 Senior Member
    hukka moni shukkkAAA!!!
  • collegeperson12collegeperson12 Registered User, . Posts: 208 Junior Member
    China and maybe India will definitely surpass America both in prestige, economic clout, and miliary power witihin the next 20 or 30 years. Therefore, the Chinese and Indian universities will be the most prestigious in the world while HYPS will turn into has-beens like Oxford and Cambridge. In fact, Oxford and Cambridge might even become better has-been universities than HYPS. It might come to be that HYPS are relegated to the same status as the elite German Universities that used to be the best in the world but now are just obscure.

    For those of you who dispute the fact that America is in decline, let me remind you of a few things.

    1. Bush's war on intellectualism and science has made us fall behind in education. We are much less educated than our Chinese and Indian counterparts, and this gap is growing faster that you can imagine.
    2. Bush's refusal to allow government funding of stem cell research will make us fall behind in a sector that will become hotter than the digital revolution. Do you think America would be powerful today if we never embraced digital technology, and let all the other countries do the research?
    3. Our foreign policy has made the world hate us, and we have no true friends overseas. We are despised and seen as an imperialist oil grabber.
  • hashhash Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    Oxbridge aren't "has-beens" you arrogant ill-informed retard.
  • UCLAriUCLAri Registered User Posts: 14,740 Senior Member
    They aren't, but I'm seriously concerned about Oxford and how the reforms there are going to affect it.
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