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I want to transfer to amherst.

fitchmoosefitchmoose 10 replies8 threads New Member
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Im an international student, i applied to amherst but got rejected last year. I go to wesleyan right now and im doing really well in school. however, i heard that i would have a 0.05%chance of getting in if i transferred to amherst if i applied becaue i am an international kid.
does anyone have stats?
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Replies to: I want to transfer to amherst.

  • hpg90hpg90 368 replies6 threads Member
    Call the admissions committee and ask them for the stats (which are listed on the Amherst website, but not divided into national or international students.) Getting good grades at Wesleyan will help, becuase it's a good school.....
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  • BalletGirlBalletGirl 842 replies64 threads Member
    For the fall of 2006 Amherst accepted 17% of transfer applicants. This is data from their Common Data set. There is no data specific to international students.


    The larger question isn't whether you'll get into Amherst but why you want to transfer there from Wesleyan in the first place. I am sure the adcom at Amherst will be asking the same question since the schools are remarkably similar (except at the margins). I think you'll have to provide them a very compelling reason. Transferring from a big school to a small school, and vice versa; from a public university to a private one and vice versa; transferring closer to home; transferring for a specific program, etc. are the usual and legimate reasons for changing schools. But transferring from Wesleyan to Amherst, they may not see it and they may call into question your judgement.
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