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Did you read it?

kclkcl 34 replies14 threads- Junior Member
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Ahh I got you. Please read my message.

9 years of Spanish ( I write several beautiful poems in Spanish)
3 years of Latin
4 years of Italian
3 years of English but I got it in 3month, one of my literature teachers in college told me that I should major in English.
2 semester of Arabic
1 year of Sign languages
I am auditing Greek this semester
Should I put them as EC?

I am going to transfer so I can double major in linguistic and another social science. Guys, how do you think I should list my languages knowledge so I don't seem like bragging. I am an international student, I grew up bilingual, French and Creole. I started learning Spanish since middle school but I could read it when I was 9 because my siblings were doing it in school. So I sneaked around and study in their books. My parents encouraged me and always brought me Spanish News paper to read for them.

I would like to be a court interpreter, or an economic policy maker, or get involve in international commerce. I am just so passionate about languages. It 's the easiest thing that I have done in school. My teacher always said that I have aptitude for languages. I would be the happiest person on earth If I could take 5 languages at once,instead of the other courses . My strength is in languages but I feel that colleges pay more attention to people who take natural sciences . Now I am fluent in French, English, Spanish and my other mother tongue. Good luck with your app and thanks for your insights!!!!
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  • dvm258dvm258 1022 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Well, it's called "Extracurricular" for a reason. Basically, if you didn't receive a grade or credit for it, you qualify. For example, I compete in a competition called National History Day each year, and it is required for middle school students at my school. However, there is also a senior division that the school does not require. (Or encourage!) But because I like the competition so much, I do it anyway for no extra credit. Therefore, I listed it as an EC, a BIG one at that.

    You may want to take the SAT II tests in those languages too. Just a thought.
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  • kclkcl 34 replies14 threads- Junior Member
    Hey I got grade for all of them. It was a requirement in my school. I had to learn those languages. The only one that I am not going to get grade for is Greek because I am just auditing it. I will not have enough time and money to take the SAT. I took it in some of them but not all. I only make 85 bucks a month
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  • 2by22by2 375 replies12 threads Member
    I do think that studying language, reading- writing poetry in them outside of the classroom is an ec. You may- especially since you want to be a linguistic major incorporate all your languages into your essay. Definately list them someplace- and definately take the SATII's or AP exams to show your fluency. It is an incredible accomplishment. You'll do great!!
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  • UpsilambaUpsilamba 528 replies59 threads Member
    You could always list them in the "additional info" section of the application.
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