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Rescinded Acceptance: Spring Grades?

skyhawkk08skyhawkk08 351 replies79 threads Member
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IB French and IB Biology are killing me. On the off chance that things don't work out as usual, would I be at risk of having my acceptance rescinded from a college like Pomona or Claremont McKenna?

My school is on trimesters and I've only had one B in IB Calculus junior year. Would I be at risk with a 3.8, or even a 3.6? I'll try for the 4.0, but I don't want to stress if it isn't necessary. Are prestigous colleges relaxed about Spring grades?

For reference - I had a 4.0 for Midyear Reports...
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Replies to: Rescinded Acceptance: Spring Grades?

  • DCforMeDCforMe 612 replies14 threads Member
    What do you mean by "killing me"? C? D? F?
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  • skyhawkk08skyhawkk08 351 replies79 threads Member
    Haha I have a B+ in both of them, but both of the teachers are going insane preparing us for the IB exam and I probably have about 2 hours of homework for each...on top of senioritis. This is only Mid-term grades for us though so there is time to get them up, but it's going to be very difficult and stressful.
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  • DCforMeDCforMe 612 replies14 threads Member
    I highly doubt you'll have an acceptance rescinded for two B+'s.
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  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper 1683 replies61 threads Senior Member
    If you get a couple of B's, nobody (including Ivies) will rescind your application.

    If you were to get C's, or a D or an F..... that's another story.
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  • joecollegedadjoecollegedad 458 replies98 threads Member
    to expand: wouldn't depend on :

    1) where you are applying ?

    2) what grades you had in the past (thru JR yr, for example) that the college already based its acceptance decision?

    for example, If a college already accepted you with some Cs scattered in the transcript, I would think that as long as you you do not have anything worse than a couple Cs at mid yr or at final yr, you would be ok.
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  • aquamarineeaquamarinee 2977 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Just don't get lower than a C and you won't get your acceptance rescinded... Some people have managed to get a C- in AP Calculus their second semester and still stay accepted. That's an extreme case though.
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  • ibtellingibtelling 259 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I actually envy you.
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