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2400/36 scorers: post your results here


Replies to: 2400/36 scorers: post your results here

  • philoglossiaphiloglossia 176 replies13 threads Junior Member
    bringing up this thread- not many patterns so far. Can we see more about extracurriculars?
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  • chronicidalchronicidal 695 replies14 threads Member
    36 - Accepted at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford early approval, MIT, UChicago full-tuition, UVA Echols/CSS. Deferred then rejected by Yale.
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  • KeshiraKeshira 1094 replies54 threads Senior Member
    I should think that 2400/36 scorers should be AT LEAST as involved in ECs and proficient in essay writing as a group compared to the rest of the pool, so it's still pretty shocking that only two people on this thread have been accepted at HYP so far. I think this is the most competitive year in college admissions ever.
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  • FredFredBurgerFredFredBurger 1361 replies64 threads Senior Member
    2370 (close enough)-Accepted to Stanford and Cornell, Rejected by Princeton and MIT. Bear in mind I'm an URM (Black). High test scores don't guarantee you as much as they used to. Admissions this year were crazy and don't expect them to get any easier.
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  • BrandoIsCoolBrandoIsCool 758 replies41 threads Member
    Wow, its all pretty random! I would never even get close to those near perfect scores!
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  • bambeebambee 32 replies26 threads Junior Member
    2400 on the SAT

    Accepted: Tufts, U British Columbia, U Chicago, Georgetown, Brown

    Rejected: Harvard

    Waitlisted: Swarthmore

    There were a lot of kids at my school who got into similar schools, and they didn't have a perfect. It's a nice plus on an application, but most college admissions officers are smart enough to know that a good test taker isn't always the best candidate.
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  • tokabeechtokabeech 13 replies7 threads New Member
    Out of curiosity, bambee, have you decided where you'll be attending next year? (I applied to many of the same schools)
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  • lobgentlobgent 506 replies42 threads Member
    2400 here.

    Accepted at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the University of Michigan (full ride with money left over to spend, haha). I consider myself incredibly lucky, but I don't think it's the 2400 that got me in.
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  • hyswhichhyswhich 1 replies1 threads New Member
    2400. Accepted at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia. Didn't apply anywhere else. I like to think that my pretty crazy essays and my slides of artwork did it, though.
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  • MegaVortex7MegaVortex7 654 replies220 threads Member
    my friend with a 2400 got into Columbia ED
    he also had a 3.5 GPA
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  • DCforMeDCforMe 612 replies14 threads Member
    Two 36's at my school, the val and sal. Don't know much about the one (val), but the other (sal), with mediocre EC's (not that great at all by CC standards) was accepted at Amherst, Chicago, Dartmouth (and probably others), and rejected (maybe waitlisted?) at MIT and Princeton.

    I think the val's going to Vanderbilt?
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