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Will this hurt my admissions?

LebronAnthonyLebronAnthony 91 replies19 threads Junior Member
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So I'm a Junior with 4.15 weighted gpa and 2020 SAT I score so far and I was wondering if the following would hurt my admissions into UCs and private colleges and by how much? Thanks

1. I didn't take the PSAT this year cuz I signed up a day late.
2. I took spanish for 2 years but got sick of it, so I'm taking Chinese 3 this year and Chinese honors for my senior year.
3. I'm only taking 1 AP test this year.
4. I have 2 Bs so far on my transcript and didn't take many APs/honors yet, but next year I'm taking 5 APs/Honors to make up for it.
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Replies to: Will this hurt my admissions?

  • TAddTAdd 151 replies16 threads Junior Member
    1. Shouldn't matter all that much, National Merit is overrated anyways. I didn't get anything out of being a finalist. =/

    2. Nah...I dropped out of Spanish after 3 years.

    3. This is iffy. If you're taking a ton of AP classes but are only taking 1 AP test, then that might raise a few eyebrows. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. Best of luck with that 5!

    4. Heh, just keep your grades up, is all I can tell ya.
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