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does lifelong study of a language count as an activity

galoisiengaloisien 3402 replies339 threads- Senior Member
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Mainly asked on the behalf of my junior-year sister ... if you for example took up the study of a foreign language well before 9th grade such that by the time you reach junior year you are rapping in it, playing multiplayer computer games with it, and browsing tv5.org in it, as well as self-studying the comparative philology of it in conjunction with related languages, can you turn that from an academic subject into an activity? Is it stronger or weaker (for inclusion as an activity) if you include transcripts from a local university showing work in the language after having exhausted the high school course series for that language?

My sister is basically in the same boat as me in French, except she's one year younger (so one year less skilled) -- I did try to count it as an activity in some of my apps, though none of the apps where I put them in were successful (unless you count being waitlisted as successful). Of course, I basically applied to only one safety and two borderline matches (the rest were reach schools).
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Replies to: does lifelong study of a language count as an activity

  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper 1683 replies61 threads Senior Member
    Ask yourself this: is playing multiplayer computer games in English considered an EC? Probably not.

    You can include the fact that you're fluent in your application and your love of the language in your essay- this is the kind of quirky stuff a lot of colleges would be interested in hearing, it seems. However, to call it an EC isn't quite correct.

    Also, always send community college/local university transcripts. You might not get credit in the end, but it's worth it for admissions if it doesn't cost you too much.
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  • galoisiengaloisien 3402 replies339 threads- Senior Member
    Pardon, I'm already admitted -- I'm just asking questions on behalf of a future college applicant in my family. :)

    I only listed language pursuit on applications that explicitly mentioned "list your activities and hobbies..." For me, I mixed it with philology and pushed it with a focus in my application on linguistics. Part of my rationale for including it was that just didn't seem many of my peers (even those ranked higher than me) pursued language study as a fun independent activity. It just seems like an intellectual pursuit comparable to say, something like debate. What is lacking I suppose, is the lack of any French rapping competitions in this country.

    Of course, my sister isn't that interested in linguistics as I am, but she makes up for it in other areas (she produces more poetry/short stories).
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  • spideygirlspideygirl 3210 replies142 threads Senior Member
    I think it could be a good EC if her level of achievement could be quantified and documented. Transcripts, high achievement on a national exam, and winning an academic competition are all ideas.
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  • LACtransferhopesLACtransferhopes 226 replies7 threads Junior Member
    i definitely considered my study of spanish to be an EC and wrote it on my apps as such.
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