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Can Americans Apply to Oxford?

john6391john6391 600 replies162 threadsRegistered User Member
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If so how do you go about it. Their website was pretty useless in trying to find information.
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Replies to: Can Americans Apply to Oxford?

  • alamemomalamemom 6282 replies107 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I am not in any way an expert, but in a quick search last year, I found this information.

    Here are the US entrance requirements:

    "...US qualifications
    Successful candidates would typically have an excellent High School record supplemented by SAT I scores of at least 1,400 in Critical Reading and Mathematics and preferably also 700 or more in the Writing Paper, giving a combined score of at least 2,100, or ACT with a score of at least 32 out of 36. We would also expect three Advanced Placement tests in appropriate subjects with two at grade 5 and one at grade 4 or SAT II two or three appropriate subjects at 700 or better." Source: Entrance Requirements - University of Oxford

    Information for International applicants: International students - University of Oxford To apply, go here: UCAS Home Page

    My D inquired about applying last year, and the information they gave her is that the "high schools" over there provide an additional year compared to US high schools, and that the undergraduate course of study at Oxford is usually three years, compared to four at a US University. That puts US students at a disadvantage. It all evens out when it is time for graduate school, so they suggested she do undergraduate in the US and consider Oxford for graduate work.
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  • john6391john6391 600 replies162 threadsRegistered User Member
    thanks for the information i was on their page and i couldnt find it anywhere
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  • llpitchllpitch 4238 replies80 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Something I've learned just from reading through CC:

    Oxbridge gives barely any IF any financial aid for US students.
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  • bv123bv123 140 replies16 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    It's possible.
    But you can't apply undecided, you'll have to what your major's going to be and be willing to stick with that for the rest of your college life.
    You'll also need 3-4 AP grades relevant to your major.
    For example if you want to major in biology then you'll need AP Chem and AP Bio for sure, and probably also AP Calculus.

    You need to apply through UCAS btw (it's sort of like commonapp).
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  • nemomnemom 1563 replies44 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Americans can certainly apply to Oxford (and Cambridge too, of course.) It does take some effort to find your way around the Oxford website. Some things to note:
    1) You must pick Oxford or Cambridge. You cannot apply to both.
    2) You apply, generally, to specific colleges within Oxford and for a specific major. What Oxford calls a college within the University is not at all the same as what a large American university would call a college.
    3) The time frame is different - you will need an earlier start, but you also get an earlier reply.
    4) Oxford asks for interviews - there are a very few opportunities for such in the states.
    5) Some majors require Oxford-specific exams. Oxford will send them so that you can take them locally.
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  • jerzgrlmomjerzgrlmom 1223 replies22 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    You could also do study abroad through your US college. My son is considering that for junior year.
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  • cupcakecupcake 1688 replies15 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    There are about 800 US graduate students at Oxford, but a much smaller number of undergraduates (maybe 30? It's hard to tell because there are always lots of study abroad students at any one time as well). Most US undergraduates have already completed a year at a US college before coming to Oxford. They are not very keen on accepting anyone straight out of a US high school, but it does happen occassionally.

    First of all search this site for other posts on Oxbridge.

    Secondly visit a UK version of this site at
    www. the student room .co .uk
    Remove the spaces for this link to work.

    If you want to apply for 2009 entry, you've got 20 days to get your application in if you want an interview in North America (usually NY or Vancouver) or if you want to coem to Oxford for an interview, the deadline is 15th October. You will find out if you've got in about Christmas time.

    You have to apply through UCAS, as someone has linked above.
    It's one common app but you can only apply to Oxford or Cambridge (but you can add 5 UK schools for no extra cost so you might as well).

    You won't get financial aid at any UK school. That's not how it works here. Think of UK schools as a bit like US public schools. They are paid for by through tax. If your parents do not pay tax in the UK, you will get nothing.
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