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Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer


Replies to: Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer

  • drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
    OK now:

    The average person planned to apply or applied to 2.57 Ivy (+ Stanford) schools.

    The average person recieved admission to 1.2 Ivies (or Stanford) including those who didn't apply to any.

    Among those applying to Ivies, the average was 1.5 Ivies.
  • drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
    looks like we need a little bumping
  • kates1422kates1422 Registered User Posts: 194 Junior Member
    You really should count MIT and Caltech in there. They're much harder to get into than many Ivies. HYPSMC is a better mark than just "Ivy."
  • drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
    Yes I realize that may be the case, but that is going to spark controversy as people will request Rice and Chicago in the list, which I don't want. Also MIT and CalTech are tech schools without good programs in other areas. I just think that the Ivies plus Stanford (which REALLY might as well be an Ivy, it excells at nearly everything and beats out half the Ivies in academics) is the best way to compare just because of convenience and at least it is no worse than comparing USNews rankings.
  • bigmac53bigmac53 Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    Alrighty, I'm pretty average....

    SAT - 1250
    ACT - 29
    (both retaking in a few weeks)
    GPA UW - 4.0
    GPA W - 4.125
    Rank - 3/460

    EC's - Football, DECA (VP), FCA, NHS (SEC)
    Volunteering - ...yeah...right....only NHS stuff
    Job at Best Buy 25 hrs/wk

    Classes - 7 AP's by end of Senior year

    Plan on Applying to - Stanford (dad wants me to), Wash U., Northwestern, UMich, BC, USC, UWisc, UNeb,

    Probably don't have a chance due to all the 2200+ on here...

    Does anyone else here really hate the term "passionate/passion" for a subject, my dad won't shut the hell up about it and my lack of it for a particular subject...

    Am I shooting too High??? Please Advise....
  • FlatulentPenguinFlatulentPenguin Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    Question: Am I on the Right Track for my Aims?

    Grade: rising 10th
    Race: Asian

    Biology-8th grade
    Chemistry-9th grade
    AP Biology-9th grade

    Alg 1-7th grade
    Geometry/Alg 2 -8th grade
    Pre Calculus-9th grade

    English (standard)

    History (standard)

    Comp Sci
    C++ -8th grade
    AP Java -9th grade

    Foreign Language
    Latin 1-8th grade
    Latin 2-9th grade
    Spanish (self study up to Spanish 2 ) -this summer

    APs taken
    AP Bio-leaning towards a 5 (9th grade)
    AP Java-4/5 probably (9th grade)

    9th (MAY)-740 math 700 verbal 660 writing

    GPA-4.33 Weighted 4.1 Unweighted

    Founder/Teacher of School Calculator Club
    Piano 3 years
    Academic Team
    Mu Alpha Theta
    Latin Club
    Gold Metal Latin Exam
    State Latin Forum (various awards)

    Community Service
    Library Helper
  • tanonevtanonev Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    "Does anyone else here really hate the term "passionate/passion" for a subject, my dad won't shut the hell up about it and my lack of it for a particular subject..."

    Lol yes...that's why I couldn't get into Olin...because I wasn't "passionate" enough about music...hey, I love piano, and I do well in it, but I just don't express "passion" (I don't like to express emotion in general...)

    You can always say you're passionate about football, I guess...

    (I wanted to put down video games, but I thought they might have an auto-delete for people who put that down lol)
  • sucharitasucharita Registered User Posts: 3,820 Senior Member
    I don't hate the term but I don't have any passions either - apart from Pink Floyd, which can't be listed as an EC :p
  • tanonevtanonev Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    You're the epitome of the Asian student! Unfortunately, there are, oh, about 10000 kids just like you...don't get me wrong, that's some great academics, but unless you express a "passion" or extreme talent for something, you're just like everyone else

    If you took AP CS freshman year, perhaps CS is what you're planning to go into? Program a game...(I tell everyone that lol)

    Also, do USACO and USAMO...if you want to go Ivy, you will HAVE to distinguish yourself on those olympiads...(I was #8 in USACO for a while, and I still didn't get in, besides Cornell...)
  • tanonevtanonev Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    Wait, Penguin...how did you get a 4.1 UW? It's on an immovable 4-point scale...straight-As is a 4.0
  • thesbohemianthesbohemian Registered User Posts: 438 Member
    What were my chances? :p I’ve resisted posting stats for a year, but it’s all over now and I’m gonna break my CC addiction soon, anyway. Meh … Here they are …

    White Female
    9th and 10th grade at a small town public high school.
    11th and 12th grade at a highly competitive arts high school.
    GPA: 3.97 unweighted
    SAT I: 1570; 800 verbal, 770 math
    SAT IIs: Never took any because I didn’t need them.
    Class Rank: 3

    10th English Lang. & Comp., Calculus BC, Spanish
    11th English Comp. & Lit., Chemistry, U.S. History
    12th Biology, European History, Art History

    9th and 10th Grade at Public HS:
    Class Council (P10); Drama Club (10); Ecology Club; Historical Society; Spanish Club; Varsity Gymnastics; Varsity Soccer; JV Cheerleader (Football Squad); Methodist Youth Fellowship; Homecoming Court (10); Yearbook Pageant (Winner 10); Community Theatre

    11th and 12th Grade at Arts HS:
    Drama Major (20+ hours per week); Class Council (S11, T12); Honor Council (12), Public Service Club (P12); Habitat for Humanity; Amnesty International; Yearbook Staff; Chess Club; Fencing Club; Cross Country Club; Swing Dance Club; Youth of Unity

    National Merit Finalist; AP Scholar with Distinction; National Honor Society; State Shakespeare Competition Winner (11); Regional Shakespeare Competition Finalist (11); State Thespian Festival Best Actress (11)

    Summer Employment:
    Lunch waitress

    Applied and academically admitted to University of Evansville, Southern Methodist University, North Carolina School of the Arts, Florida State University, SUNY Purchase, Rutgers University, University of Miami, University of Minnesota, Northern Illinois University, Catawba College

    Accepted via audition to BFA Theatre programs at Evansville, SMU, and NCSA. Rejected by FSU. Cancelled auditions for SUNY Purchase, Northern Illinois, and Catawba after SMU acceptance. Withdrew from consideration at Minnesota, Miami, and Rutgers after Evansville acceptance.

    Evansville ’09 with a full ride. Go Aces!
  • knoxcountyknoxcounty Registered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 3.3
    SAT (subscores if you have them): 1360 comp; 710 v; 650 m
    ACT: 31 comp; 34 reading; 27 math; 32 science; 29 english
    SATIIs (list which subjects): none
    ECs: 2
    Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): 8
    Work and/or Volunteering: 5

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: KY
    Top colleges you applied to, especially Ivies: am applying to CMU, SMU, FSU, Yale, NYU
    Colleges you recieved admission too: we'll see

    Also I think it would be interesting to see what CCers are interesting in majoring in: Me= Theatre
  • swmmr984swmmr984 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    rising senior (male) caucasian

    PSAT 219
    SAT 1400 (OLD) 2150 800V 670M 680W
    ACT 31

    3.99uw 5/115
    private Catholic

    VARISYT X-country, swimming & track, sec. junior class, treas SGA, eagle scout, governor's school, usaa swimming

    Major: engineering pre-med

    APPLYING to Notre Dame, SLU, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Carnegie Mellon
  • swmmr984swmmr984 Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    Should have said SAT 2150 800M 670V 680W
    From Tennessee
  • jpt0509jpt0509 Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 4.0
    Rank - 2/200ish
    SAT - 1480 (780 M, 700 V)
    ACT - n/a
    SAT IIs - Math IIc 800, Physics 700, Writing 660
    ECs: like how we compare to everyone else on a 1-10 scale? eh, I'd say 7
    Course load: definitely a 10... almost everyone is or will become a bluecollar worker in my county (not dissing bluecollar jobs, just saying... very poor school district from a farming community). AP classes were taken online independently
    Work and/or volunteering: I'll say 7 again

    APs: Sophomore - US History (4), Junior - Calc BC (4, ab 5), Junior - Stats (5), Senior - Psych, Macroecon, Microecon

    Private/public: very poor public, haha
    State: PA

    Schools applied to: hmm... PSU Schreyer, Haverford, Amherst, Swarthmore, St. Joe's, Yale, Cornell, U of Chicago, Williams
    Accepted: PSU Schreyer, Haverford
    Waitlisted: Cornell, Amherst, U of Chicago, St. Joe's (no accepts off w/l yet)
    Attending: PSU Schreyer (for $$$ reasons... Haverford was #1 choice out of the 9 I applied to)

    Someone else suggested listing major... probably double major in Finance and Economics
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