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Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer

drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
edited June 2005 in College Admissions
Hear is what's up. Many people on this site complain about high scores and getting rejected at schools that are reaches for Einstein. Consequentially, many lesser students feel depressed about their chances. Everyone agrees that the average CCer is way above the average HS student or average college applicant. So I thought I would start a thread to find out just how smart (on average) we all really are. So here's the formula.

GPA unweighted: 4.0
SAT (subscores if you have them): (haven't yet taken)
ACT: (ditto)
SATIIs (list which subjects): (ditto)
Rank 1( bad) - 10 (good) of
ECs: 8
Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): 10
Work and/or Volunteering: 4

Private/Public school: Public
State or country: IL
If applicable:
Top colleges you applied to, especially Ivies:
Colleges you recieved admission too:

Hopefully, we can thus find the average unweighted GPA, test scores, etc. I'd also like to figure the average USNews ranking of the top school admitted to and applied to by CCers (even though USNews is crap, I have to use something), and the average number of Ivies CCers apply to and are admitted too. Please don't approach this like a chance thread, I just want to survey the CC crowd in general. THANK YOU!
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Replies to: Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer

  • tanonevtanonev Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    GPA UW: 4.0 (1/35)
    SAT I (old): 1600 (sophomore)
    ACT: not taken
    SAT II:
    freshman: Math IIC, 800; Bio E, 770; Literature, 700
    sophomore: Writing, 800; World History, 780
    junior: Physics, 800; US History, 770
    senior: Chemistry, 800

    freshman: Calc AB, 5
    sophomore: Calc BC, 5
    junior: Physics C Mech, 5; US History, 5
    senior: Physics C EM, 5 expected; Chemistry, 5 expected; Comp Sci AB, 5 expected; English Literature, 4-5 expected; Spanish Language, no idea

    EC Rank: no idea (piano 12 years--semifinalist in nat'l concerto comp.; network admin at my school; program computer games for fun; did 2 research projects)

    Course load: 10
    Volunteering: see ECs (I've been told I help keep the school running...)

    Private (no-name) school in CA

    Applied to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Olin (and others)
    Rejected from MIT, Olin
    Waitlisted at Harvard, Princeton
    Accepted at Stanford, Caltech (and others)
  • Katie07Katie07 Registered User Posts: 124 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 3.95
    SAT (subscores if you have them): haven't yet taken
    ACT: 27 (as a sophomore)
    SATIIs (list which subjects): haven't yet taken
    Rank 1( bad) - 10 (good) of:
    ECs: 9
    Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): 10
    Work and/or Volunteering: 5

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: MO
  • tanonevtanonev Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    BTW, SAT & AP test scores don't measure "smarts"...to do that, you should look more at Olympiad results...

    AMC 12 136, AIME 7
    USACO Gold March 602 (#8 in US), USACO Gold Open 166 (#30something in US)
  • yannersyanners Registered User Posts: 703 Member
    GPA unweighted: 3.9
    SAT: haven't taken it yet
    ACT: haven't taken it yet
    SATIIs (list which subjects): nope
    Rank 1( bad) - 10 (good) of
    ECs: 7
    Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): 10
    Work and/or Volunteering: 1 (I'm not old enough to work yet, and I haven't done any volunteering...)

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: MD
  • kates1422kates1422 Registered User Posts: 194 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 4.0... I'm sure it's gone down since I applied :-P
    SAT (subscores if you have them): 800 Verbal 760 Math
    ACT: 34 Composite; 34 Writing, 29 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science
    SATIIs: 740 Writing, 700 Bio M, 690 MathIIc
    Rank: 5/222... 1/50ish at my old school that closed down
    ECs: Varsity Tennis, Cross County, Track, 1 year of Varsity Volleyball; lots of service, including tutoring both children and adults; a job, two jobs in the summer; and then some
    Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): like twice as hard as other people who get the same credit *angry face*
    Work and/or Volunteering: oh... now I see how this was supposed to go

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: OH
    If applicable:
    Top colleges you applied to, especially Ivies: MIT and Harvard (bah Ivies are not the only good schools in the country!)
    Colleges you recieved admission too: MIT and Harvard
    will matriculate to MIT


    no APs - school didn't offer them, but took part of my junior and my entire senior year at a local college.
  • jaug1jaug1 Registered User Posts: 870 Member
    GPA Unweighted: 3.83
    SAT: 750 Math, 690 Verbal
    SAT II: 800 Writing, 770 Math IIC, 700 Chemistry
    Rank: Not Applicable. School does not rank.
    EC's: Tons of music. I play 4 woodwinds including the Oboe, English Horn, Alto Sax and Tenor Sax. I have played in a junior philharmonic in Los Angeles for the last 4 years, and am a member of 2 jazz bands. I also TA the middle school jazz band at my school. I helped found a teen music for healing program at a local hospital where students can perform music to help heal the sick. Member of FIRST Robotics Team 992 9th-11th, helped co-found a student political group at my high school.
    Course Load: One of the most difficult. 6 AP's- Chemistry, Calc BC, US History, Physics C (both E&M and Mech), Human Geography and Music Theory.

    Private/Public School: Private
    State: CA
    Applied: Columbia ED, Stanford, Yale, Penn, Northwestern, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCD, University of Washington Honors Program
    Accepted: Columbia ED, proceeded to rescind all other applications
    Matriculating to Columbia
  • sraid7777sraid7777 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    someone should do the average gpa and average SAT scores.
  • ReninDetroitReninDetroit Registered User Posts: 1,093 Senior Member
    GPA unweighted: 3.7
    SAT None yet, PSAT = 96th percentile reading and writing, 91st percentile against class ahead of me; can expect 750 reading, 750 writing, 650 math.
    ACT: can expect 29-31
    Rank School does not rank, but I'd guess top 20%.
    ECs: Passionate about theater, music, Simpsons club and gay straight alliance.
    Course load: honors/AP english, humanities and arts; regular math, history, sci, foreign language
    Work and/or Volunteering: no work, 150+ hours of vounteering.

    Private/Public school: Private
    State or country: MI
    Colleges I plan to apply to: Stanford (ED?), Brown (ED?), CMU, BU, NYU, UMich, UIUC, UMiami, DePaul, MSU, GWU.
  • thechiiguinthechiiguin Registered User Posts: 195 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 4.0
    SAT: 2280 (800 CR 760 M 720 W) PSAT: 232
    ACT: -
    SATIIs (list which subjects): 800 Bio M
    Rank 1/475ish
    ECs: Art (awards ranging from city to state, teaching art, art club), science/medicine (research internship, hopsital internship, volunteering, science bowl), math team (regional awards, competed at state), knowledge bowl, NHS
    Course load (relative to offerings of your HS): Will max all APs at high school, except for foreign language (which isn't that phenomenal b/c my school only offers 7 APs)
    Work and/or Volunteering: (110 hrs. volunteering, will be working 40 hrs/week this summer as a research intern)

    Private/Public school: notsocompetitive public
    State or country: the wilds of southeastern WA
    Colleges I PLAN to apply to: Harvard (just for kicks), Swarthmore (love it), Stanford, Haverford, Macalester, Oberlin, Grinnell, University of Washington (Honors program).
  • sarorahsarorah - Posts: 5,767 Senior Member
    Average GPA 3.84

    6 Public, 4 Private

    Average ACT 30.5 (only 2 people supplied definite scores so far)

    Average SAT I Subscores
    Math 695

    Verbal 778

    Average SAT II Scores
    Biology M 750

    Biology E 770

    Math 2c 753

    Writing 772

    Literature 700

    World History 780

    Physics 800

    US History 770

    Chemistry 697

    Math 1c 540

    I only included the definite scores of what everyone had. I didn't put avg # of ECs because some people didn't list that and really, it's not the quantity but rather the quality of the ECs. And for the new SAT, I just counted the Writing score with the other SAT II writing scores.
  • drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
    cool, thanks for averaging, but we need some more people to get the numbers very accurate, Thanks for posting everyone.

    Of the people that showed ECs correctly (on a 1-10 scale) We have an average of

  • sarorahsarorah - Posts: 5,767 Senior Member
    Yeah I really don't want to do these spanish terms. :)
  • drummerdude_07drummerdude_07 Registered User Posts: 1,345 Senior Member
    Average courseload rank = 9

    Average Volunteer/Work rank = 2.75 (hmmm interesting)
  • nonconformitynonconformity Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: 3.4
    SAT 700 Verbal, 580 Math
    SAT II 720 Writing, 730 World History, 520 Math IC
    ACT: n/a
    Rank: 8th decile out of 10
    ECs: Secretary of speech and debate club, orchestra, auditioned for school plays, Russia exchange, Statewide competition of spoken Russian, NHS
    Course load: AP's in English/Hist, Regular science until 12th grade, when I took AP Environmental. Regular math. Orchestra. Two languages (Russian and Latin)

    Work and/or Volunteering: Summer job, Volunteered at cat shelter, did walk for diabetes, I currently have a job

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: NY
    Applied to Vassar, McGill, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Binghamton, Emerson College, SUNY Purchase
    Rejected from Vassar, my first choice program at McGill
    Waitlisted at SUNY Binghamton for fall but accepted to spring semester
    Accepted at McGill second choice program, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Purchase w/money, Emerson College

    McGill '09!
  • nonconformitynonconformity Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    Sry....I didn't see the number thing. Ok well I guess my ECs are 5 and my courseload is 6. My work/volunteering is 5 or 6 as well.
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