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Senior Schedule

bost88bost88 154 replies41 threads Junior Member
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Is it really necessary to take the most rigorous schedule senior year (as many APs as possible) even if there are other classes (not APs) that I am more interested in taking? I ask because I have the option of taking AP Euro or a semester each of two classes that are not even honors (simply electives) that I have wanted to take since freshman year. Even if I ask my guidance counselor to write on my rec these were two classes I took b/c of true interest, will this end up hurting me? I understand it is only one class out of my seven, but do top schools simply expect you to take as many APs as possible? (btw, I go to a pretty small school that only offers about 6-7 APs anyway.)
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  • bost88bost88 154 replies41 threads Junior Member
    Also, I will be taking 3 other APs if that info helps.
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  • MarylandMomMarylandMom 240 replies15 threads Junior Member
    There are a few variables to consider. How will taking classes less than AP weight affect your class rank? and if there is a negative effect how will that play with the most selective colleges (ie are you high enough in rank that it will not impact negatively). I know the fact that my D took 7 APs in senior year very positively impacted her college apps and acceptances. But - everyone is different and it depends on your personal circumstances. Her final result was that she also moved from top 10% to top 5% as a result of her senior year schedule and her performance in those courses.
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  • bluebayoubluebayou 27094 replies176 threads Senior Member
    also depends on what else you are taking. Instead of AP Euro, are you taking another history/govt course instead? Are you taking at least 5 solid academic courses, either honors/ap, if offered? Are your electives even college prep? If so, and if you were an adcom, what would you think: AP Euro vs. xx class? Which schools are you interested in?

    fwiw: in general, highly selective college app pools have kids that have taken 4 years each of math, history, science and english, and 2-4 of a foreign lang. Thus, that's the competition for those slots.
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  • bost88bost88 154 replies41 threads Junior Member
    The two classes (each a semester) instead of AP Euro are a history and science but they are simply electives. My school doesn't rank but goes by top 10%, 25%, etc. so that doesn't really matter since I'll definitely be top 10% either way. And I will have at least 4 yrs of every subject by graduation.

    My question is simply do colleges expect you to take the maximum amount of APs even if they don't interest you or is it okay if I took another class in the place if an AP because you had a true passion for it? The most amount of APs someone could take senior year in my school is 5 but for me its 4 since I did not get into one of them. Without Euro, though, it would be 3. Is this acceptable for the top schools (e.g. Brown, Dartmouth, Amherst)?
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