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Is 2070 worth a try for the ivy league?

jiejingzjiejingz 20 replies20 threads Junior Member
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CR 660 MT 800 WR 610
I'm not sure if my marks are good enough.

I took the SAT I two times, the first time was in june and i got 1810: CR 590 MT 680 and WR 540

I didn't take my SAT IIS yet, but Im pretty confident i will get over 750 for math, physics and chem
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Replies to: Is 2070 worth a try for the ivy league?

  • dudemancool123dudemancool123 110 replies56 threads Junior Member
    I think it's definitely worth a try.

    My friend had 2050 SAT superscore and he got into Cornell ED.
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  • ckohsackohsa 132 replies2 threads Junior Member
    2070 is on the low side, but not in the impossible range. What you need to make sure is that you have good EC's, good essays. good recommendations etc. Again, you have not mentioned your GPA/class rank or all the other things. If everything else is great and test scores alone are low, you have a fighting chance. But if others are not that strong, then your chances go progressively weaker. Remember test scores are important, but not the only factor. There are others that are equally important.
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  • jiejingzjiejingz 20 replies20 threads Junior Member
    ok, I'm a chinese citizen applying from Canada (I'm a Canadian permanent resident). I studied in a Canadian high school for four years. I'm also planning to apply for financial aid.

    Im not sure how to calculate the GPA since we use percentage (out of 100)
    My percentage in my grade 9 are kind of low, but I do show a trend of major improvement
    Grade 9: 87
    Grade 10: 93
    Grade 11: 97

    I was ranked 3rd out of over 200 students in my grade 11 year.

    My ECs in school was not that great ( not club presidents), but I have a huge involvement in the community. I had many volunteers and about 100 hr unpaid work experience at the Vancouver Aquarium.

    I also play both the Violin and Piano, along with some music theory courses. I received a Grade 10 RCM certificate for violin .

    My course load in school is pretty heavy. Only two APs are offered at our school, I only took 1 (AP Calculus). And I finished 3 courses in Summer School (Physics 11, Chem 11, Bio 11).

    I think my essays and reference letters are pretty good.

    What worries about me is mainly my SAT mark, I heard they expect more from Asians? Is that true? And some schools do consider financial aid. I already applied for Stanford's REA but I think I won't get in because i just learned they only take 10 canadians applying for aid....
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  • sgp3213sgp3213 8 replies2 threads New Member
    How schools "discriminate" against asian students in the SAT department is out of context. I don't really feel like getting into that debate too much.

    1) Ok so when you say 3rd, do you mean JUST that year? Or overall GPA?
    2) Because you haven't taken the SAT II's, I can't judge your assumptions. (Unless you took a proctored practice test).
    3) Your GPA is probably weaker than your SAT I score.

    At any rate, two asian students from my school were admitted into MIT with the following stats:
    98.58 Weighted 3-Year GPA, 600 CR 800 Math 610 Writing, 800 Math II 790 Physics 710 Chem
    96.46 Weighted 3-Year GPA, 550 CR 770 Math 630 Writing, 800 Math II 800 Physics 800 Chem

    I have to warn you that I know someone similar to the 2nd student who had a 95 average and was not admitted. Neither of these guys had been speaking English long (came China 4-6 years ago), and both went to the United States of America Mathematics Olympiad.

    As long as you give it a great shot, and reasonably package your college portfolio with colleges on a range of admissions difficulty (safety, match, reach) then you should be fine.

    Good Luck,
    Mr. Mohamed
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  • jiejingzjiejingz 20 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Thanky you Mr. Mohamed, That was really helpful!
    And yes, 3rd was just for the grade 11 years, I'm not sure if the colleges are going to consider my improving trend though.~
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  • ivyvinesivyvines 4 replies2 threads New Member
    Could you tell me if you got in? And do canadian permanent residents qualify for financial aid at need-aware schools?
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  • MicrodogMicrodog 74 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Only Cornell.
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  • DbateDbate 2505 replies194 threads- Senior Member
    Take the ACT. I got a 2070 on the SAT and a 34 on the ACT.
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