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Admission Stats 2010--Read 'Em But Don't Weep


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  • OlympicLadyOlympicLady 192 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Old College Try: Your mom is right, most people did not aim for Ivy's 20-30 years ago. The only name brand jeans were Levi's, clothes did not have label's on the OUTSIDE -Nope, it is all media hype and marketing these days, and the elite schools are no different. Marketing, the hype that if one get's accepted they will be successful. Just like if you wear the right expensive designer clothes you will be popular in high school.

    The failing economy reflects our focus on marketing and manipulation by all media. The top schools are exactly the same- Debt and all.
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  • hotinpursuithotinpursuit 698 replies21 threadsRegistered User Member
    your race, athletic ability, artistic ability,
    What do they mean by athletic ability? Does it mean you were a state-champion who will play the sport for the college team(basically a hook), or does it mean that you were a varsity member of a sport but will most likely not continue in college(basically a very strong EC)?
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  • jfl2010jfl2010 93 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    They are looking for athletes that will compete for the school they attend. The coaches then go to admissions and present the student as a desirable candidate for admission.
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  • ghostbusterghostbuster 1537 replies53 threads- Senior Member
    I could write a PhD thesis on how life was better in the the 70's, with Levi's (the real ones made in USA, not these faux levis made from cheap material overseas and sporting styles that are either grunge or look sleazy) Life was simpler then, even with that recession it was simpler. We have become a narcissistic society with McMansions, BMW's for 16 year olds, designer jeans, outrageous expectations for starting salaries, who is the top violinist or athlete, on and on and on. What has it gotten us? Greed, societal acrimony, ....and the Seven Deadly Sins. What people do to get their kids into an Ivy and elite LAC's is unbelievable. Schools don't make the kids, the kids make the schools.

    We are in a mess. Meanwhile moms drop off kids at middle school driving $55,000 SUV's, designer sunglasses and go home to scour the internet for the "best" college counselor for their 8th grader. I am not exaggerating. Its pathetic.

    And people wonder why students get neurotic about college applications? Just peruse this website here on CC and see for yourself. Its jumping off the pages.....
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  • idkididkidkididk 265 replies75 threadsRegistered User Member
    You can't blame the parents for wanting the best for their kids.
    But I agree, it's getting out of hands
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  • TJC747TJC747 424 replies86 threadsRegistered User Member
    Is it just me, or is Emory's acceptance rate a lot higher than all the other top schools?
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  • jfl2010jfl2010 93 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I think Emorys acceptance rate last year was about 30% which would put them behind the Ivies, Duke, Stanford.
    I think its a great school but I don't think its a must apply to school like the others. Having said that, I am not sure to what their special admit policy is.
    It will be interesting to see what this years acceptance rate is.
    If Duke has admitted to auto reject for over 50% of applicants this year, It seems to me that far too many people are applying to Duke without a reasonable shot of getting in. I don't think thats the case at Emory.
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  • fogfogfogfog 3868 replies188 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Our hs had a seminar for parents of Jrs and brought in 4 Admissions officers...

    FWIW , strong legacey = REAL money.
    The guy rolled his eyes when he told of parents who where hopping mad their darling didn't get in--yet the school had not heard from mom/dad (ie checkbook) for the last 25yrs...

    One Admissions officer of a very popular well know state flagship said she could read an app in under 15 minutes--that they took the thousands of apps--and sorted by scores.
    Those with too low a GPA/score got aut-rejects.
    Those in the lowish-almost got put into the read (consider) pile..
    ...and those with the amazing stats etc got auto-accepts.
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  • EricLGEricLG 641 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    Lets take Duke. The SAT range of admitted students is 1340 to 1530. (M+R) Thus if you have lets say a score of 1440 you believe that you should have an "average" chance of acceptance. (So if Duke admits 20% of all applicants then you have a 20% chance of admission)
    No. The score distribution of the applicant group is not a mirror of the accepted group. If you knew that 20% of the applicants in the SAT 1340 - 1530 range were accepted, then your conclusion would be stronger.

    So much for 'the truth'
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  • EricLGEricLG 641 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    One Admissions officer of a very popular well know state flagship said she could read an app in under 15 minutes--that they took the thousands of apps--and sorted by scores.
    I'll presume that said admin officer is very diligent, and reads for six hours a day, 5 days a week, for the 3 months of the year that apps are flowing into the college.

    She covers 1560 apps in a season. Do these people have annual situational depression when the warehouse fills up with packets ? To my mind the *only* answer is that the lion's share of apps are decided electronically.
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  • jfl2010jfl2010 93 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thanks for trying to clear that up, but actually they are the stats for enrolled students, not just admitted. I used the term admitted when I should have used the term enrolled. Feel free to check this fact from so many of the web sites that posted Dukes SAT range of enrolled students. And while I don't know that 20% of the applicants were accepted, I do know that 50% of Dukes enrolled students scored in that range. Thus, many people are making the incorrect assumption that a score in the middle of this range should give you an "average" (average being open to interpretation) chance of acceptance. This is the main point of my post.

    So I guess "the truth" still is the truth huh?
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