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Research Papers and Admission?

husky789husky789 0 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member
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I have written several research papers, mostly on mathematics, through my highschool years and planning to submit them for my 2011 admission. Before that, I would like to ask several questions regarding it.

Firstly, I know that Caltech officially ask to submit any research papers, but some other colleges don't ask for it, and some people say that sometimes they don't even look at them. Is it true?

Secondly, are my research works going to be considered as EC works? (None were don't as a part of curricular activity.)

Thirdly, and lastly, if colleges don't ask applicants to submit their papers, but when they have something to submit, how will they let the colleges know that they will submit their additional works? Do they have to enclose their research papers along with application documents?
edited August 2010
3 replies
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Replies to: Research Papers and Admission?

  • jasonInNyjasonInNy 718 replies74 discussions- Posts: 792 Member
    I'd say go for it. Nothing to lose by showing your passion.

    I think there is a part on the commons app for you to upload supplement information. If not, ask your counselor for help.
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  • HitManHitMan 785 replies13 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 798 Member
    For most colleges (basically all except Caltech), don't send the entire paper either submit abstracts or make a basic overview. Most Adcoms won't be math majors.....
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  • glassesarechicglassesarechic 5471 replies16 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,487 Senior Member
    Before you send any supplemental materials, ask yourself: Will this do anything to enhance my application. (I use enhance because "improve" is much more ambiguous, and I don't want to imply that anything that is a "good" thing will necessarily enhance your application. It will enhance your application if it makes sense in the context of your essays, recs, and ECs, though it doesn't necessarily have to be related to a specific EC. It should, however, make sense in light of your more general interest.

    If we're talking a college-level research paper here, and the qualifications I listed above are met, by all means include it. But if not, consider that you're just making your file thicker for the adcom, and there's a very real possibility that they won't read the paper at all. As Michele Hernandez says in her book Acing the College Application, if it's the end of the day and adcoms are grabbing folders to read at home, yours will be the one pushed to the back when nobody's watching. Weary adcoms are not amused by superfluous supplemental materials, so just be wary.
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