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My reason why the iPad is amazing for college.

beeknob20beeknob20 Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
edited January 2011 in College Computers
Hey, so I'm a senior in high school right now and I use an iPad as my notebook in school. I must say, it is probably the greatest invention ever made for the education system. I love it and every little thing about it. I am here to convince you parents/future college students about why it is worth buying. Oh and btw, don't use the iPad as a primary computer! It is possible, but it really does not do it justice. You should specifically buy an iMac or Macbook Pro to go along with it, which will really make it a perfect combination. Anyways, Here it goes:

It is very,very light and portable. So much easier to put in your book bag rather than a laptop, which is a pain in the neck.

The apple case that is specifically for the iPad is also an amazing accessory. It can turn into a stand for the iPad so that the keyboard can be more comfortable to use. The keyboard is also very great for the iPad. The virtual keys are huge and considering that I have fat fingers, it is very sufficient. I never make any typos on it.

There are many apps for it that are specifically designed for students in mind. The app "CourseSmart" has a collection of 12,000+ college e-textbooks that you can either rent or purchase. I tried searching for 10 of my sister's textbooks and it had 8 of them available. It has many apps that are formatted to look and have the features as a traditional notebook and planner, such as Coursenotes, Notebooks for iPad, FastFinga, and Evernote! FastFinga is an amazing math notebook app(or even regular notebook) and it pairs well with an iPad stylus which is available on Amazon to buy. Don't forget about Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for iPad, which are very, very sufficient enough for students. Also, the iBooks app has a large collection of ebooks and have many college required reading books available to purchase. If you're not satisfied with iBooks, there are also many other ebook apps such as the Amazon Kindle app and the Nook app. These apps all have capabilities for annotating, highlighting, bookmarking, screenshoting, and dictionary/google searching.

If you're thinking about buying an iPad, make sure you get the 32 GB model, because the 16GB one is not trustful enough. The memory goes pretty fast if you're one of those people who have a lot of songs and videos in their iTunes library. The apps and ebooks barely take out any memory space from it.

These are the only things that came up to mind when i thought about it. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them! I am really trying to get people to understand it more than just a giant iPod touch, because it is nowhere near that.
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Replies to: My reason why the iPad is amazing for college.

  • ALFALF Registered User Posts: 1,140 Senior Member
    I'm a college administrator, and I take my iPad everywhere - it is thin enough to just slip into my leather portfolio, and I feel that it is much less obtrusive when typing on it, compared to someone clicking away on their laptop keyboard, with the screen sticking up in the air.

    I am glad that you noted that the iPad cannot really be used as a student's sole computer, because that is indeed the case. Many students will also end up needing to download some course-specific software (math applications, drafting or graphic design programs, programming environments, etc.) that will not run on the iPad.
  • user_007user_007 Registered User Posts: 366 Member
    I see no reason I'd find an iPad useful.

    I don't often take a computer to class. Because (a) it's not necessary and (b) it's a distraction. For classes where I do use a computer, I bring my laptop - it works fine. It's not that big - I barely notice the weight in my backpack - it's a 15" laptop and I have textbooks that weigh more.

    And I wouldn't want e-books for my textbooks. I need to have an actual book, with words printed on paper, in front of me. Something that I can page back and forth through, write in, etc. E-books may work for some people or classes - they definitely don't for me.

    Considering the 32 gb iPad with only Wifi costs $600 - I could get a much more capable laptop that would suit my needs far better for that price. Everything I'd actually use an iPad for can be accomplished with a smartphone.
  • ALFALF Registered User Posts: 1,140 Senior Member
    You should probably not get one then.
  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn - Posts: 16,060 Senior Member
    I must say, it is probably the greatest invention ever made for the education system

    Probably? What's the random variable here?

    = Printing Press
    so I'm a senior in high school right now

    which is why you feel qualified to opine on its usefulness for college students?
  • HawkwingsHawkwings Registered User Posts: 1,207 Senior Member
    I too would question the qualifications of a high school senior who has never taken a class in college before. It may be a great tool, but the ease of getting on Facebook and being distracted through lecture is just too much. Of course this applies to any laptops too, just a bit less. Pencil and paper and nothing else works best for me when I really need to take notes.

    And no offense ALF, but I do not feel that a college administrator has the same sort of experience as a student taking classes, and so your recommendation is more suited towards a working professional than a college student.
  • rymdrymd - Posts: 1,055 Senior Member
    Sorry but a $350 netbook with a KEYBOARD/memoryspace/processingspeed beats the ****** **** out of an overpriced TABLET <-- IT'S A TABLET! WHERE HAVE YOUR senses GONE?
  • pascal12pascal12 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    Yeah, I'm not sure why you would spend an extra $500 for a tablet when you could easily invest that elsewhere and get an awesome (gaming!!!) laptop that can do anything the iPad can.

    Books/notebooks/planners - Maybe it's a personal preference, but I'd much rather have the paper version than strain my eyes to read it on a screen, and unable to easily flip through. But still, there are plenty of e-books for computers, and tons of planner/calendar programs for that purpose.
    Music/movies - can be done on the laptop
    Keyboard - I happen to use a ton of keyboard shortcuts and such for everything, so iPad would definitely hinder my ability to do anything.
  • beeknob20beeknob20 Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I used to be a netbook user and I will tell you that it is HORRIBLE compared to the iPad. And I took a summer pre-college class at Syracuse University, where I used my iPad to take notes during the lectures.

    @hawkwings, if anything, a laptop definitely distracts me to go on facebook more than a tablet. since the iPad allows for focusing on one app at a time, it avoids any disturbances.

    and LOL rymd, trust me, it definitely does not. Netbooks are extremely small and annoying. an iPad is so fast and easy to use compared to it. My netbook would freeze every 5 minutes because it was not able to handle onenote software. Also, windows xp/windows 7 were not designed to fit the format of a netbook(i.e 10 inch screen).

    pascal12, like i said, it should not be used as a primary computer, but rather as a secondary one to use for writing essays, taking notes, studying, reading, etc.

    I've had 3 netbooks: hp mini, toshiba mini, and the asus one. Each one either fell apart or burned because the hard drives were not able to handle the softwares i had on my netbook. I've had my iPad for 8 months and have not any problems with it at all.
  • pascal12pascal12 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    Well, my point was why would you have a primary computer + iPad, when you could just invest the iPad money into an even better computer? There's no point in having 2 mediocre devices when you could have 1 really good one.
  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn - Posts: 16,060 Senior Member
    My netbook would freeze every 5 minutes because it was not able to handle onenote software

    Use MS Word.
    but rather as a secondary one to use for writing essays, taking notes, studying, reading, etc.

    Writing essays on an iPad?
    burned because the hard drives were not able to handle the softwares i had

  • SLightManifestoSLightManifesto Registered User Posts: 2,161 Senior Member
    Buying an iPad is like flushing $600 down the toilet. That's really all that's needed to be said. Go spend it on a better tablet PC (that would accomplish the same thing but more AND better) or buy your normal laptop and then a cheap netbook for $200.
  • Big CatBig Cat Registered User Posts: 198 Junior Member
    I don't agree that its good for writing essays because of the sheer typing speed decline on a touch screen, but ive used mine in class on a regular basis to record lectures and take down some short notes. Its not as much a productivity machine as it is an all around useful piece of technology. I can also attest to the glacier pace of a netbook running only small apps and it is a complete pain in the neck when you're trying to actually get something done. I agree that the physical keyboard is a real necissity when typing out long emails or papers, so a netbook (sort of) wins there, but a bluetooth keyboard can be purchased that fixes that problem completely.
    As far as gaming is concerned, not everyone wants to play high end games on their computer. I know a TON of people my age that could care less about computer games and would just rather play on their Xbox or PS3. Gaming on the pc is fun and i do enjoy it quite a bit, but the fact that you automatically rule out an ipad on the basis of using the extra cash to buy a gaming rig is not valid. Its an option yes, but it has not a thing to do with what this kid was talking about.
    Lastly, I don't think you should rule out a high school students point of view on the matter. I agree college is different, but i distinctly remember being in a classroom setting and taking notes in high school. That is exactly what i do in college. A bigger and more diverse atmosphere yes, but it has quite a few similarities so i'd say the OP has a point with the iPad's usefulness.
    In my experience, the iPad has been extremely handy. Its not a do all machine, but it can do things that my laptop and desktop cannot. Instant on, overall Quickness, applications made specifically the device. You can't rule out the ipad just because its not a computer with a keyboard. Its backwards thinking.
  • pascal12pascal12 Registered User Posts: 165 Junior Member
    I'll admit I was exaggerating a bit when I said gaming laptop. (That's just something I, personally, would love to have.)
    But my argument still stands. I'll admit that a netbook is only good for basic uses and can get annoying for the reasons above. So, why not spend that $500 in the iPad and put it towards an actual laptop instead of having an iPad and an annoying netbook? A laptop can do everything the iPad can do, and still has advantages, as stated above.
    And plus, I can easily fit a laptop into my backpack or bookbag or whatever.

    So yes, the iPad can have useful applications, if you're into what it offers. I'm just saying that its advantages are definitely not unique to the iPad. And definitely don't go around bashing netbooks/laptops while you're at it.
    burned because the hard drives were not able to handle the softwares i had

    LOL, I agree, this is complete nonsense.
  • HawkwingsHawkwings Registered User Posts: 1,207 Senior Member
    lolwut indeed. Not to make any hasty assumptions or anything, but I sure wouldn't take computer advice from someone who's hard drives were not able to handle his softwares.

    And for the record, my high school classes were nothing like my college classes.
  • Big CatBig Cat Registered User Posts: 198 Junior Member
    Yes you can put your laptop into your backpack. thats true, but a big selling point of the iPad is its mobility. You can take it with you wherever (just like a laptop or netbook) and connect to the internet or whatever. Its smaller and lighter than a laptop, but i once again agree that it can't do many of the things that a laptop can do. I won't argue that for a second. It can help out in alot of ways, but again its not a primary device. I don't think anyone here was arguing for that. Personally, the selling point for me was ebooks. the fact that sooner or later i'll be able to buy an ebook instead of spending so much cash on textbooks just seems amazing to me. It'll take some time to get used to no paper and the obvious lag of not being able to note everything and bookmark my pages the way i want, but i thought it was a really cool feature and could save me cash down the road.
    Also, i understand the thing to do would be to call someone out when they use words like softwares, but not everybody knows computers. I'm guessing their hard drive failed or something when the OP said that it was burned, not sure but still no reason to act like they have no say in the argument. Lets be a little understanding and not just rule out a person because they don't know the lingo.
    And i'm glad your college courses aren't just the normal lecture/note classes btw. Sounds like your getting a much more enriching education than i am LOL.
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