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Where Should You Go to College...

EireDuckEireDuck Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
edited February 2006 in College Confidential Cafe
Find out here by answering just 7 questions:


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Replies to: Where Should You Go to College...

  • TpeckTpeck - Posts: 590 Member
    You're Washington University in St. Louis!

    Hey I live in St. Louis.
  • CoolaTroopaCoolaTroopa . Posts: 1,170 Senior Member
    Cool quiz, :)

    You're Carnegie Mellon University!
    Though no one can say your past isn't spotted, you tend to like to consider it "colorful". No matter what you call it, it does make people shudder sometimes to hear your name. But your aim is to be practical and get away from all this nonsense! You're fascinated with Qatar, if only because of its failure to follow standard English spelling rules. You weren't interested in fruit until relatively recently. But your location is still the pits.
  • ebonyqueen15ebonyqueen15 Registered User Posts: 269 Junior Member
    You're Vassar College!
    Permissive and yet hard-to-reach, you maintain a lofty but confusing air about you. You're above naming your offspring after yourself, but you've also been accused of being a pink-o. Everyone knows, though, that you're playing for keeps. You often enjoy little more than sipping burgundy from a pewter cup. You once turned down a significant invitation made by a guy from Connecticut.

  • jpps1jpps1 . Posts: 1,993 Senior Member
    I got UCLA.

    It actually seems like a rather intricate quiz--each answer you give affects what questions you will see next. Just going back through and switching some answers around, there are at least 8-10 schools programmed in.
  • scarletleavyscarletleavy Registered User Posts: 2,374 Senior Member
    I got Davidson College.

    That's weird because it was one of my top choices.
  • jay144jay144 Registered User Posts: 353 Member
    This thing is really ****ing creepy. It says that there are 128 possible choices, and it chose the one and only college that I applied and was accepted to, and am going to, and really really love.

    University of Michigan.

  • jpps1jpps1 . Posts: 1,993 Senior Member
    I took it a second time using my last name as the jumping-off point. Got Rhode Island College of Design.

    This quiz sucks.
  • jay144jay144 Registered User Posts: 353 Member
    The quiz is god, it determines your worth and future.

    You just suck. :D

    Rhode Island College of Design hahahaha
  • MissTiMissTi Registered User Posts: 219 Junior Member
    You're Tufts University!
    Though you're larger than many of your kind, you do ultimately resent that people have nicknamed you "Jumbo". You're a fan of the circus, but you're able to do more than just clown around. In fact, when you need people to take you more seriously, you've been known to light a fuse. Despite what people say, you insist you were never interested in plants that cling to walls. You're a bigger fan of nudity than most.

    Weird, I never looked into Tufts when I was searching for a college.
  • GleechGleech Registered User Posts: 231 Junior Member
    You're the University of Illinois!
    With a taste for cities and bubbly alcohol, you might at first seem to be rather cosmopolitan. In reality, though, you're a bit of a hick trying to adapt to higher class tastes. You might be able to build most anything from the ground up, but you hide some dubious skeletons in your closet. With a tinge of lingering racism and a penchant for hazing, you have a lot to work on for self-improvement. On the plus side, you were the first to go home again, proving that you can.

    W...T...F... a hick?

    anyway, schwartzenegger can't run for president. go barack!
  • TuftsPleaseTuftsPlease Registered User Posts: 990 Member
    You're the University of Ghana!
    With a surprisingly long and storied heritage in your past, you are more impressive than many would think to give you credit for. At the same time, it does sound like you spent a lot of time playing with legos. Now you're hoping to help provide opportunities for those who haven't traditionally had access to resources. Though this is noble, you have done much to shun the concept of nobility in your past. You're one of those people who doesn't really pronounce the letter H.

    WHAT?! This is the weirdest response so far
  • jay144jay144 Registered User Posts: 353 Member
    HAHAHA. Forget ACT and SAT scores, extracurriculars, reccomendations, AP Classes, GPA's, forget EVERYTHING

    This quiz should be the new admissions process. Haha.
  • BeatBeat Registered User Posts: 83 Junior Member
    You're Vanderbilt University!
    You come from old money, and many have even argued ill-gotten gains. This bedrock of dubious wealth upon which you sit makes privilege a natural position for you, even though you're surrounded by a buffer of backwoods poverty. This makes you gnash your teeth a bit, while some vilify you. Also vilified is your pursuit of a career in pharmaceuticals. Your favorite computer was a Commodore.
    It's way off but whatever. Neat quiz

    Edited to add: I took it one other time just for the heck of it and ended up getting the College of William and Mary, which is where i'll be going to school next year. Neatoooo.
  • nom de plumenom de plume Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    1. You're the University of Tokyo!
    While you once were seen as the dominant force in your community, you've slowly been fading a bit. At the same time, you still command a great deal of respect and are one of the first people that others consider. You were taking ginkgo-biloba for mental acuity long before it was popular. You love the popular song "House of the Rising Sun". Your favorite place to ponder is by a pond.

    2. You're Lomonosov Moscow State University!
    Though you're often cold and depressed, no one can question your access to knowledge and the creativity that often accompanies suffering. You see yourself as a varied teacher, sometimes spreading the word of monarchs, tyrants, or even mere corrupt politicians. Along the way, you've lived an unstable and interesting existence and grown very tall. Now, you're in quite a rush. Uh.
  • cutiepie911cutiepie911 Registered User Posts: 92 Junior Member
    You're Columbia University!
    Somewhat rough and tumble, you're looking for the lion's share of whatever you can get your hands on. You feel utterly surrounded by chaos and noise, but at the same time have access to a good deal of culture and influence. In this chaotic setting, you attempt to be a bastion of relative calm. You adore staircases and once expressed a desire to paint your roof green.
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