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Computer Science BS with a Pre-Med track?

Markos96Markos96 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi everybody, I am sort of at a crossroad and I need some help thinking things through. I am going to attend Florida State University, and I am planning on majoring in Computer Science BS. Now, my whole life I have planned to become a neurologist, but as of lately I have been rethinking things because I have found a great passion in computer programming. Now, by no means does this passion overshadow my former medical field goals, I kind of want to do both. My question is, I am pretty sure there is a way to do both, as in do a Computer Science BS major with a Pre-Med track, but just how hard and large of a workload am I talking here? I consider myself to be greatly ambitious, I can definitely handle more than the average person, especially if I really want something. Thanks for all the opinions in advance!
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