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Racism against South Indians

angrysoliderangrysolider Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
I wrote an answer to a question about microracism at universities but since it received zero responses, I thought I'd repost it as a new thread. My question is: how is racism against south indians like?

"I always find these discussions interesting since I'm British. I'm South Indian and I grew up in an all-white middle class area, to the point where I have no Indian friends. I have never come across racism, and I'm usually able to be classist and racist against Muslims (a.k.a Pakistanis) and Blacks too.

I didn't even see a concerning divide between gay guys and normal guys. I saw thm all the same. We're talking about the WASP New England types though. (And I do think racism in LGBT is a problem).

My biggest issue with racism was within this decade and mostly to do with the liberal pro-muslim racism. (e.g. 1D, colorism, racism against South Indians, etc)."

Replies to: Racism against South Indians

  • khanamkhanam Registered User Posts: 603 Member
    i have no clue what you even meant to communicate in your post here. am i reading this correctly? you are proud to be classist and racist against people of african origin and muslims and you think racism in the LGBT community is an issue? What is 1D? colorism? racism against just south indians? or against indians in general or north indians against south indians? what are you even trying to discuss? the entire paragraph within the quote is incoherent. liberal pro-muslim racism? what the heck is that? and where? Here or in Britain?

    the reason nobody responded to your answer is because no one can even comprehend what you wrote. sounds like an unhinged tirade against the cookie monster or something like that.
  • AcceptableNameAcceptableName Registered User Posts: 421 Member
    @khanam That's what it seems like he is trying to say. Maybe that's why his name is "angrysolider." I don't really know what a "solider" is tho..
  • MerppityMerppity Registered User Posts: 158 Junior Member
    @khanam I think he might have horridly messed up his wording. Instead of saying that he's usually able to be classist (apparently not a word according to spell check), OP might have meant that he is usually able to avoid being racist and classist.
    In that case, it seems that OP is a little naive and over-sensitive. Racism is very much alive and a problem, but in more of a subtle and subconscious way, rather than the flat out racism of the '60s US. Otherwise, in the more civilized, less white-supremacist parts of the First-World countries, racism is generally not an issue. People will usually grow up in cities, schools, etc. with multiple races and people around. And even if they don't, they won't be overtly racist unless their parents or friends raised them that way.
    Anyways, the whole of the original post was quite confusing and nonsensical. Also, don't you think that by basing it off of South Indians, you're being too specific and India-centered? You live in Britain, not New Delhi!
  • angrysoliderangrysolider Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Have you guys never read up on racism at colleges? Do you guys think they never use the internet?

    I was commenting on the culture I was in and the peer pressure I was exposed to. There is A LOT of classism against Pakistanis in the UK and I was mentioning that racism I've been exposed too has been inclusive of South Indians.

    In the UK, the "asian" race is usually segregated as Pakistanis and Indians, but I'm further segregating the Indian race to talk about racism against South Indians.

    BTW, the posts above in answer to my question have the most nasty tone to them. I was merely stating how I viewed racism in the UK.
  • khanamkhanam Registered User Posts: 603 Member
    CC is a primarily US based site. Pakistanis/North Indians/South Indians/Bangladeshis/Sri Lankans are all south asian here. No one here has any idea of inter-south asian racism. What you are discussing is too esoteric to be on any concern here. The Tutsi in Rwanda were very racist / classist against the Hutus in Rwanda - which is why the genocide occurred there. North vs South Indian racism/classism is like white Yankees vs white Southerners here - a bit uncomfortable and a bit different but you cant compare it to the events such as this:


    This is racism. "I'm usually able to be classist and racist against Muslims (a.k.a Pakistanis) and Blacks too" - just what would anyone understand from this sentence of yours in the OP except that you are racist against Pakistanis and Blacks? And you are worried about a nasty tone to replies to your OP?
  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 9,185 Senior Member
    Like Merppity said, "I'm usually able to be classist and racist" is probably a mistake. Why would anyone say that, as if they're trying really hard to be racist despite their morals inhibiting them?

    @angrysolider Re-read your first post, specifically the second paragraph, and you'll understand the confusion and knee-jerk snippy responses. You said that you try to be racist. Did you mean you DON'T try to be racist?
  • khanamkhanam Registered User Posts: 603 Member
    "My biggest issue with racism was within this decade and mostly to do with the liberal pro-muslim racism. (e.g. 1D, colorism, racism against South Indians, etc)"

    - hold on, isn't this sentence racist too? liberal pro-muslim racism? eh? what the heck is that? one of the most illuminating conversations I had recently was with a sikh (completely different religion) of indian origin who owned a gas station and was worried about being subjected to a hate crime by someone who mistook him for a muslim. when sikhs are certain that violence will occur against a muslims, and are worried about being mistaken for them - that is proof of existence of racism against the muslims not in their favor. please speak with real victims of racism instead of discussing topics that are tantamount to distraction and whitewashing the actual events of hate and prejudice. then your opinions will have some credibility.

    Finally, what specific racism against south Indians can you highlight? All the south Indians I know are doctors and engineers and respected. They face the same racism that many others do including AA, Hispanic or Asians etc. What do you think makes the case for south Indians so unique?
  • angrysoliderangrysolider Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm comparing the racism I witnessed in the UK, to what you guys post here. The UK isn't that racist, but is incredibly classist and ethnic groups tend to be divided along ethnic lines (like WASPS).

    I understand that the US still doesn't fully understand how race works among Middle Easterners and Indians, but rest assured that the US will catch-up to the Commonwealth Realms and everyone else on earth.

    In the US, many guys think Muslims are a race comprised of Middle Easterners and Indians - which is obviously wrong.

    Outside the US, the South Asian race tends to be divided into:
    Pakistanis / North Indians / South Indians

  • khanamkhanam Registered User Posts: 603 Member
    Well, i used to think all the caucasians in the UK were WASP so I am confused by the ethnic lines comment - did you mean only white vs black/brown? I also don't think the US confuses Indians for Middle Easterners. To most Americans, all north, south Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans are the same except Pakistanis & Bangladeshis are muslim. And the middle easterners are a different group. They do club Arabs with Iranians here.

    Maybe they differentiate between North and South Indians in the UK - I will have to ask this of a British friend of mine - actually i thought almost all Indians in the UK were north Indian or Pakistani. However, I did not notice any differentiation between any of the South Asians when I lived in Singapore and HK in the 90s. They were all the same.

    Finally, scientifically, the middle easterners, afghans & north indians are caucasoid while South Indians and Sri Lankans are Dravidians - genetically similar to the Australian aboriginal races rather than caucasian. Over the millenia though its become quite mixed in India. Do you really encounter racism for being south Indian in the UK vs being either north Indian or Pakistani? I would have assumed the Indian community in the UK is more tightly knit.
  • angrysoliderangrysolider Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Classism is slightly different in the UK. We have lower-class white people who are called "chavs". Ethnic groups like Pakistanis can be stereotyped as "chavvy".

    Most Pakistanis and Indians live separately in the UK. They've formed two communites: one with Sri Lankan/Indian people, the other with Pakistani/Bangladeshi people.

    I am half Singaporean Indian myself and I have been to Singapore many times, so don't try to lie to me. Tamil people are very introverted and the word " Indian" is used to refer to South Indians.

    South Indians are at least 2/3 Caucasoid like North Indians. I can't remember what Pakistanis are, but they should be more like Middle Easterners.

    I'm not trying to be uber racist, but Pakistanis tend to be really regressive and chavvy in the UK, while North Indians tend to be very friendly. So Pakistanis tend to be very racist, while Indians tend to be docile.

    And yes, I am complaining that the liberal pro-muslim racism is racist.
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 35,962 Super Moderator
    This doesn't seem to have anything to do with colleges.
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