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Is this fair grading?

Igotthis92Igotthis92 3 replies1 threads New Member
edited September 2016 in College Confidential Cafe
I asked my professor to see if my paper is good to turn in. He said "it's relatively good, just fix grammar and some unclear sentences. Cut paper down to 4 pages too" So I did all of that. Turned it in. Got a D. Said I almost didn't answer prompt at all. Said I have too many pages when I have exactly 4 pages. How is relatively good...a D...and almost didn't answer prompt? I feel heavily baited for a poor grade. What's your take guys? Thanks in advance

P.S I have spoken to my professor about this already and he said he finds it fair.
edited September 2016
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Replies to: Is this fair grading?

  • jnkam24jnkam24 506 replies35 threads Member
    Sorry to sound harsh but I don't think it's the responsibility of your professor to pre-edit/give pointers on your paper at all, unless you have some kind of special situation. Baited for a bad grade? You wrote the paper, not the professor. My advice would be to pay closer attention to the grading rubric. It's still early in the semester, you can turn it around.
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  • Igotthis92Igotthis92 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Oh I forgot to add
    My performance on the paper isn't the point at the moment, I am just dumbfounded why he said my paper was good with some minor issues, and then after following instructions on what to fix...it led me to a D on the final paper and saying I almost didn't answer the prompt at all.
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  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    What happened to your last post about this?

    All I can say is keep the drop deadline in the back of your mind. Until then, do your best to figure out what he wants and perform to those expectations.
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  • Igotthis92Igotthis92 3 replies1 threads New Member
    @jnkam24 It isn't his responsibility. But he was willing to help me. Shouldn't that hold him accountable to some degree? He said it was good. When I turned it in. I get a D.
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  • Igotthis92Igotthis92 3 replies1 threads New Member
    @bodangles It was removed due to the rule of no linking, it was my fault, haha sorry about that. And thanks for the advice bod
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  • WISdad23WISdad23 934 replies10 threads Member
    Most schools have a writing lab where you can get help with these things and guidance from more experienced students. I think that would be a better resource for this type of thing rather than asking your professor to eyeball your papers. He/she won't want to be perceived as playing favorites. Imagine if you asked him for advice, he gave it, you made changes, and got an A. The professor would have an unnecesarily long line at office hours.
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