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Feeling left out and sad....I feel like my friend is taking my old friend from me?

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Hey what is up? So have been having a bit of an issue that has been bothering me for a while. Last year I was at college and I had two really close friends. The two of them were never really friends with each other and only talked when I got the three of us together. Otherwise they did not talk that often. Friend A and I were super close because we lived in the same hall (and I would called them one of my best friends). Sometimes my friend B would I think feel left out because we were so close, and we weren't trying to leave her out at all. I was just closer to friend A because we saw each other 24/7.
Recently I transferred schools. I am not that far away (about an hour away). I was super upset that I had to leave my two close friends, and not going to lie. I've been feeling a bit lonely without them. However my two friends have recently bonded now that I am gone and they have been hanging out a lot...which at first I did not mind, I encouraged it because I wanted them to be good friends. But friend B has been texting me all the time talking about how much fun friend A is, and how they do everything together and she posts and sends pictures of them to me at lest 3 times a week. It has been making me upset because friend A and I were so close, and I semi feel like friend B is rubbing it in my face that they are close now Out of the blue she always text me "Guess who im hanging out with friend A!" or me and "friend A are doing this or that....etc.". So sorry if this seems like a childish thing to make a post about, but really its making me upset and almost depressed. I am already feeling lonely at this new school with no one I know and my friend B keeps texting me all the time about how much fun she is having with friend A. Idk what to do. Friend A and I were so close and I dont want our friendship to disappear now that I am gone. Not sure if I am just ranting but I think I would love some advice on what to do. Or uplifting responses. Idk but I have been pretty upset about this. Thanks. Court.
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