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How am I looking for college acceptance?

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It's my junior year and I started taking a few AP classes. AP US History(B), AP Physics(B), and AP Psych(B+) as of 5 week progress report goes. If I can keep this up until the end of the year (I'll probably raise my APUSH grade to an A as well as my Psych grade due to being pretty high B's, but probably not my physics grade) will my chances of getting into a good college increase? I am also taking 3 regular classes (Pre-Cal, English, and Art) with all A's. Along with cross country (1st semester) and track (2nd semester) all year. So basically I have 7 classes (1 sport). My academic GPA is 4.0, but can be 4.3 if I can get those A's in those two AP's as stated earlier. As for class rank, I am ranked 83/675 in a pretty large competitive city school in California with over 2500 students. As far as colleges go, I am looking at UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and maybe UCLA. Thanks in advance.
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