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MartinChris123MartinChris123 0 replies1 threads New Member
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Hi. I’m currently a senior in college going to school in Boston but originally from New York. I have gotten homesick my whole college career and have planned at living at home post graduation my whole time here. 2-3 weeks ago I accepted a job in Boston in Tax as an accountant. Everyone is thrilled and I am too. But I don’t know if I can do it mentally/emotionally. Growing up as been one of the hardest things I’ve been dealing with and miss home and my parents everyday. Just looking for some advice on how to get through this or some tips on what to do.
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  • vspvspvspvsp 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm not sure that CC is the forum for this question? I'm a mom of 4 kids, with no formal training in therapy. I think you should talk to a therapist or counselor - - someone who is a third party and can give you impartial advice. Congratulations on your job offer, even though you may decide to turn it down. Good luck!
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  • EmpireappleEmpireapple 1839 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Plan trips home and for friends/family to visit. I find it sweet that you are so connected to home and your family. Many people never have that in life. I don't think your situation is serous enough to require a counselor. You got through college and will have to continue to employ those same strategies you used to combat homesickness. I do believe it will get better as you mature and grow more. Congratulations on the job!
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  • Chris006Chris006 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm assuming you are in your early 20's and college was your first sample of independence, and distance from your parents is challenging. That's a good thing, it means they made you very comfortable. They should be the ones you talk to first about your concerns.

    My advice not to overthink this opportunity and turn it in into an internal burden. Life is full of uncertainty and risks, embrace it. I've learned, the path to your greatest accomplishments are paved with many taking risks and overcoming failures.

    My Story:
    I left my parents house immediately after high school (they were great, just a terrible dead-end city), moved hours away to attend Community College to the only place I could afford (crime infested War Zone in Central Florida).

    I had to 2 stints of being homeless, dropped out of college and had multiple career changes. Got an opportunity to work overseas working on a Cruise Ship where I met my wife.

    We moved back to the US, began volunteering and fostering at the local animal shelter, where I was hired. Loved the coworkers, hated euthanizing and working for a twisted director. Saving a few kittens ended up costing me a job, being fired there was the most satisfying career moment of my life.

    With more stable employment and support from my wife, I returned to college and Completed my AA last year. It took me almost 14 years to accomplish this.
    Just 8 months ago I moved to Miami to complete my Bachelor's. Renting a room in a house full of sketchy characters, working, while my wife reminded in Central Florida working her job.

    The week I signed the lease we found out she was expecting. Now I'm balancing a long distance marriage, full time employment, full time studying while preparing to be a father. When I step back for a second, I wonder how I have not had a mental breakdown these last few months. Not once do I feel overwhelmed, just driven and lucky to be where I am and what I have in life right now... and for me it's just beginning.

    Don't be afraid to take chances.
    Don't be afraid to fail.
    Don't give up on what's important to you.

    You got this!

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