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Wanting to change majors right when semester starts? Declared Major/ Undecided

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The last week of our winter break, I moved back early in my dorm and I felt intense about what major I want to try out. Last semester during registration, my professor in one of my freshman seminars is my preceptor so I declared to be in Psychology and minor in women's gender studies and I want to change back to undecided.

I was thinking about emailing my preceptor this weekend or tomorrow during MLK day to see if I can change my major/ minor to undecided so I can start the semester off at a good start.

I was searching for academics on our school site for undergraduates and there are little majors offered in B.A. than B.S. which is the downfall for meI believe. ( I should've looked for other potential schools but the expense of schools and moving far was an issue )

I am thinking of maybe going undecided and minor is business or something. My math is not strong and I am to take Quantitative Reasoning 1 anyway as a requirement. A guy from our program we completed in summer had told me that business, you would need to dress up for presentations and all which made me feel a bit unsure if I wanted to do business. (Not a dressy type of person) (maybe not something I should worry about??) but I am not sure what else I want to declare a major at this point.

I had Criminal Justice in mind when I first came in the semester but I do not think I want to do something in that field.
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