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Reflections of a college student a day after move-in

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WOW! That's the first word out of my mouth. I cannot believe the transition that there truly is to endure. First off, I love college so far. Sort of. The classes haven't started, but the fun has. I am a freshman at Tulane University in new orleans majoring in voice performance (switching maybe to musical theater.) Anyways, when I moved in, I was beyond terrified: what will my roomate be like outside of facebook, will the room be big, bed be comfy, people be nice, cockroaches not be in sight, RA be responsible, etc. I came to find that even though I was so scared of my roomate b/c he drinks, he...doens't often. And I thought I wouldn't get along with him because he loves rap. well...it turns out he's shy and really nice...his pictures depict otherwise. This teaches you to NEVER. EVEr. Judge a book by its cover because that's just it. A cover is skin-deep. that's 1/20 of a person (or..book..ok fine screw the book for now haha.)

Last night, keep in mind still move in day, there were many frat parties that I chose wisely not to go to. I am happy still with the choice I made not to go because the cops were right there. the whole time. busting people in and out and arresting. so, yes, to all of you who are such big drinkers and love to drink, BE CAREFUL DAMMIT! lol. There are cops who are not kidding around, and even though this part of new orleans is extremely lax, don't be blind to authority.

At 2 in the morning, I was peacefully sleeping...UNTIL (dun dun dun)...THe drunkards came in! They were followed with an assemblage of loud crashes and bangs from the doors they kept slamming, random knocks on people's doors, laughter 100X louder than normal, crying, screaming, yelling, bickering, drinking (and...the RA Caught a few of them,) and a very very miserable little me sitting in my bed mad that I couldn't get to sleep and having to wake up ... at 7! AH! My parents wanted to drive me across Lake Pontchartrain which they did, reason why I had to get up early.

Last night, I was down b/c i hadn't met people i connected with. Today, it was MUCH better. I am reform jewish so i went to a hillel brunch (hillel if you don't know if the typical jewish organization at colleges.) I met so many people, freshman and upperclassmen, who were so nice, so connectable, genuine, and people i'd love to go to israel with!! haha. Which I might be doing b/c they convinced me to today (for free!!!!!)

Aftewards, parents came. I had to say goodbye, and yes that was weird. My little sister had sad puppy dog eyes, and I really didn't know what to think. I didn't know whether to cry, laugh, fall and go to sleep, scream, or just combust into a thousand tiny pieces of whatever happened to be in my mind at the time.

It's been interesting. Then today, I just you know joined a conversation with members of my floor in a circle. I didn't like them yesterday, but some of them opened up today. give people a chance. don't judget them too rashly the first time you meet them (First impressions are like gum on your shoe. they can definitely suck, stick with you for a long time, difficult to remove, but when removed can leave a beautiful sole (SOUL!) underneath....hehe i mean ya know what i mean.)

Those are my impressions so far. Things are much different and the adjustment is so tangible I can smell it. Oh wait, that's just the smell of the AC. Oh well :)
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