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Tongue medical help... maybe THRUSH?

LeonesaLeonesa Registered User Posts: 340 Junior Member
edited November 2008 in College Confidential Cafe
What an odd topic for CC, I know. Well, here's the deal. Today I was about to take a bath and I looked in the mirror and saw my tongue looked a little odd. I stuck it out further and I was shocked: there were little clearish/white bumps in the back, discoloration in a symmetric way (whitish and light colored tongue in front continued to a triangle shape in back, then on the sides it was a brighter redish color), and a 2 or 3 bigger whitish lump things in the far back on my tongue on each side. I have never had problems, and all of a sudden I see a freakish looking tongue. Yuk!

Anyway, I am trying to look stuff up on the internet of what it could be. I'm guessing it is some kind of fungal infection or viral, I don't know! I'm bad with science and medical stuff... That's why I posted this. If anyone has heard of something similar or knows anything on it let me know and give me any advice you have.

I thought it sounded a lot like thrush, but thrush is pretty rare in healthy adults. I consider myself healthy, though I have had some problems... I have been lacking energy for a long time. Finally I found out I was border-line anemic, so now after taking iron pills I don't need to take naps every day.

I know I'm rambling....Anyway, I don't know what is wrong with my tongue or what I should do. I suppose I need to go to the doctor, but I think I'll wait a week or so and see if it clears up. I hate going to the doctor. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the visit itself. I just hate how much it costs and often I don't find out much more than I already knew. Sigh. I just don't want to fork up money for nothing.

Also, my teeth have been kinda weird lately. Nothing serious really. It's just that sometimes it hurts to chew food back by my molars. I went to the dentist and had my teeth taken care of. Now three weeks later, however, I avoid chewing a lot of food in the back of my mouth on the right side. Ughh, all these pestering problems going on in my mouth!

What's wrong? ANyone?
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Replies to: Tongue medical help... maybe THRUSH?

  • joevjoev - Posts: 2,924 Senior Member
    I have no idea. It could be gingivitis. Is it cold (sp?) sores?
  • SBmomSBmom Registered User Posts: 5,725 Senior Member
    First, I am not a doctor. But I have a little experience with thrush. I will tell you what I know about thrush.

    Thrush is characterized by whitish patches on the tongue & inner cheeks, inner lips. Sometimes the saliva will have a whitish sheen. The mouth can be sore too. Thrush is a yeast overgrowth, like a vaginal yeast infection, but the site is located in the mouth instead.

    Nystatin oral drops is the usual treatment. Diflucan pills also work. Various home remedies (lactobacillus) can help too. Gentian violet is a herbal tincture that is efective against yeast too, but the downside is that it stains everything it touches bright purple for several days :(!

    Thrush is sometimes hard to get rid of so do not skip or discontinue treatment before taking the whole course recommended.

    Sometimes antibiotic use can trigger thrush by killing off the "good" bacteria that keep yeast under control. Thrush *can* indicate a compromised immune system. You should go get a comprehensive check up at the doctor in any event to diagnose the problem and rule out underlying causes. If money is a problem, try a clinic.

    Good luck.
  • LeonesaLeonesa Registered User Posts: 340 Junior Member
    No, it's not cold sores. I have had those once in a while. THis is different and it sprang up so quickly! One thing, though, I do get sore throats a lot. I tend to get sore throats once a month. Right before this tongue problem sprang up I had a cold/sore throat.

    I don't think it is anything related to gums (gingivitis, etc). It's all on my tongue. It's not really painful, though if I pick at it it can kind of feel funny and bothersome.

    Thanks for replying, though Joev...

    By the way, thankfully the gross looking stuff on the tongue is in the back, so it doesn't show when I talk to people! :)
  • LeonesaLeonesa Registered User Posts: 340 Junior Member
    Thanks too SBmom...

    Now, thrush seems to be the closest thing to what I have on my tongue, from what I have read on the internet. But, it doesn't look like the pictures I've seen on the net. It isn't at all on my lips and it really isn't crusty. There is more a whitish coat on my tongue that I can sort of scrape off. It doesn't bleed when I pick at it but it starts to feel irritated and doesn't really come off all the way either. The weirdest looking stuff are the bumps. There are smaller, almost seed-like, protruding oval bumps all over the back. THese are clearish/normal tongue color. But there are 4-6 bigger bumps near the very back of my tongue.

    Keep talking...I'm listening! Gosh, I am staying up worrying about this darn tongue!
  • SBmomSBmom Registered User Posts: 5,725 Senior Member
    I don't know about the bumps but the whitish stuff you can partially scrape off sounds consistent with thrush.

    If you get sore throats a lot, that could indicate underlying stuff too. Go to the Doctor! SBMom's orders :)!
  • LeonesaLeonesa Registered User Posts: 340 Junior Member
    Hehe...Thanks for the help SBmom. I think I'll wait a few days and see if symptoms get worse or better. If they get worse, I'll go to the clinic. I just hate to go in and find out I just need to wait a week and it will all go away. You know?

    Thanks for the help guys... I think I need some sleep now! Hopefully my tongue will be looking better tomorrow!
  • bonedogbonedog Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Leonesa--- could you please tell us what those white dots were all over your mouth and tongue? I have a 16yr old daughter and it seems she has the exact same thing. and I do mean EXACT!. We cant seem to find anything on the internet either, but your thread is identical to what she has. It came on literally overnight and she does have a few bigger bumps on the very back of her tongue. There is no pain involoved. she isscared as are we.

    We have a doctors appt scheduled for tomorrow to have these little bumps looked at. On a side note--- she just got out of the hospital because of a ovarian cist. she took an antibiotic through an IV, but that was it as far as antibiotics. Lortab for the pain while she is bedresting for 2 weeks or so. We do know that the pain meds are not causing a reaction.

    Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a real mystery, and worrisome when you cant find much info on the internet, ya know? Off the top of my head, Im thinking viral infection, but who knows. Possibly an allergy of some type, since it came on so so quickly.
  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser Registered User Posts: 5,487 Senior Member
    What are you people doing with your tongues that you're getting fungal infections...?
  • clockworkclockwork Registered User Posts: 277 Junior Member
    ^lol... makes one wonder...
  • BP-TheGuy88BP-TheGuy88 Registered User Posts: 1,437 Senior Member
    clearly not following the 5 second rule :P
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