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Too soon to get a car like Porsche?


Replies to: Too soon to get a car like Porsche?

  • OaksMomOaksMom Registered User Posts: 615 Member
    Kritamait...tell dad to give you a raincheck on this one.

    A.) Boston is notorious for having exceedingly rude drivers...(this comes first hand from a S. Californian who knows about driving!), not too mention a lot of traffic- that Turbo is not going to get much use at bumper to bumper speeds. B.) It snows in Boston...they salt the streets...not good for a Porsche that sits low to the ground...it'll be a mess by the time you graduate C.) You'll come off as looking uber-pretentious and snobby-someone who wants to let everyone know that "I have money" Unnecessary your age...unless you're going to Harvard of course (a joke, folks okay!). D.). This is the time in your life when you need to explore the REAL world...ride the "T" (or is it the "L" in Boston?), walk your butt off...that's the Boston thing to do...and that's why everyone is in great shape there. E.) You never find parking, and if you do it's likely to be on the street and you're going to fuss and worry over your precious car being out where it's going to get stolen/broken into...why bother...now is the time to have fun...

    Tell dad you'd like the car when your graduate...my 2 cents.
  • kritamaitkritamait Registered User Posts: 41 New Member
    Thanks for answering .. get some new ideas
  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    I have heard a great deal about the potholes and road conditions in Boston. Not good things. The ground clearance on the 911t is quite low because it's a sporty car. I can't remember if the suspension is adjustable but a hard, track suspension (like on the 911 GT3 RS) will not be good on public, potholed roads. If you were to buy a Porsche, and the 911t is certainly a gorgeous car, I would pick something sporty but used. The insurance should be considerably lower and you won't be *as* concerned about the condition of the vehicle.

    You may want to consider the Carrera 4S instead of the Turbo, since its less expensive and still has AWD. I don't know what exactly you're looking for in a car. So no, I don't think it's too soon if you're willing to accept the image, but the 911t might not be the best vehicle for your daily needs. I'm a bit of a gear head. If it wasn't for AWD in the Northeast, I'd be nearly shouting 911 GT3 (rear wheel drive).
  • kritamaitkritamait Registered User Posts: 41 New Member
    ^ What do you mean by "I would pick something sporty but used"?

    Thanks, for your helpful answer
  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    Because a new 911 Turbo will be more expensive and more valuable than 911 Turbo bought that is two or three years old, it will cost more to buy and insure. I don't know what your financial ability is but the main consideration in buying a used car would be to save money. Instead a car that has never been driven, you typically buy the car from a previous owner with a few thousand miles on the engine and a substantially cheaper price tag. A new 911 Turbo is about $125,000 and the 911 Carrera 4S is about $90,000. I really have no idea about how much the insurance would cost.

    Here is an example of a used 911 Turbo for sale.
    eBay Motors: Porsche : 911 (item 170172655391 end time Nov-28-07 17:50:48 PST)

    If I were in your position, I would purchase a used Acura NSX because of its reliability and more subtle appearance. They do not make the NSX anymore, as Acura is working on a front engined V10 sports car. This may not be good for your purposes though, as it is not all wheel drive and it is not as pretty as the 911 series. The NSX is a small car and is not finicky (it would not overheat in traffic). I absolutely love pop-up headlamps (like on the old Porsche 928 and 944).

    eBay Motors: Acura : NSX (item 260185384866 end time Dec-01-07 19:09:13 PST)

    I currently drive a 1986 Acura Legend Sedan with 336,000 miles on it, so I am partial to the brand. If you can afford and want a 911 Turbo though, I think that it would be a pleasure to own. I would love to have one if I could afford it.
  • bobbobbobbobbobbob Registered User Posts: 4,772 Senior Member
    For Boston, I would much rather have a practical car than a sports car...I'd go with a sedan or a roomy coupe probably...5 or 6 Series if you're a BMW fan, E or CL if you're a MB fan, A6 if you're an Audi fan...

    you can get the sports versions (M, 55/63, S) if you're so inclined but they normally have lower ground clearances that will be an issue in the city.
  • Vince99Vince99 - Posts: 31 Junior Member
    lol spoiled kid,
  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    Oh man, an M5 or an M6? I think I have something in my eye. -rubs eye- Nope! They're still ugly! The decision between a luxury coupe, luxury sedan, or a sports coupe is a big one. Would you mainly be driving this on the weekend, outside of Boston? Or would it be for getting around town? Buying the car certainly won't prohibit you from using public transport or a bicycle.

    I know, I know, you didn't ask me...BUT! If I were in your position, I would buy a nice GT car (Aston Martin DB9 or DBS, Alfa Romeo 8C [breathtaking but not sold in the US], or something similar) and then use a bicycle and public transportation for day to day stuff. According to my theory, as an international student, you will be returning home less often during short breaks. This would leave you with the time to do some excellent driving and make some very memorable trips. Having a sporty GT car will be the most comfortable option for this.

    While I wouldn't say get a car with no back seats (430 Scuderia or 911 GT3 for instance), I don't think the extra 2 doors of a saloon are worth the added size and the few attractive 4 door options. I have never lived in Boston or a big city though (I live in a city of 200,000). This goes for everyone, watch Top Gear on BBC2 (or YouTube), it's the best show on television.
  • kritamaitkritamait Registered User Posts: 41 New Member
    Uhmm, Really wanna know am I going to face overheated problem in Boston (911 Turbo)?

    Thanks for answering
  • Mr PayneMr Payne Registered User Posts: 8,850 Senior Member
    So what does this mean the parental net worth is? 15M+?
  • kritamaitkritamait Registered User Posts: 41 New Member
    ^ Why?...........
  • futurenyustudentfuturenyustudent Registered User Posts: 5,366 Senior Member
    If my dad offered me a car that expensive, I'd just ask for the $100k in cash. If he really wants to give me a gift, I'd like him to consider where I'm going to college (NYC in my case, Boston in your case) and whether I'm going to need the car or not. Too bad my dad can't afford to give me a $100k car.
  • 3togo3togo Registered User Posts: 5,233 Senior Member
    edited November 2007
    A couple random thoughts.

    First, Boston proper can be a trough place on a car. Where in Boston will you be attending school. Some of the schools in town are not very car friendly ... while other schools are.

    Second, this is a very generous offer from your Dad ... personally I'd maximize what I got out the gift. Option 1, a new Porsche 911. Option 2, a used Porsche 911 and month long European summer vacation. Option 3, a cheap used car, a month long European summer vacation, and flying lessons. Option 4, no car, save a downpayment for a condo, flying lessons, ski trips, etc. A new 911 costs a bundle ... for me, on a budget, I'd make that money go A LOT further than just a fun car (all this is meaningless if you're not on a budget).
  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    Kritimait, I really don't know the answer to your question. I haven't heard any reports of that happening and it's only a flat-6 engine but I can't say for sure. You may want to contact your local Porsche dealer or post on some 911 forums to ask that question.
  • kritamaitkritamait Registered User Posts: 41 New Member
    Uhmmmmm, yee .. What's that mean " Some of the schools in town are not very car friendly ... while other schools are. "??
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