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Let's make a smarter planet.....

PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
edited January 2010 in College Confidential Cafe
This post may sound stupid to some but it is time that we take Mother Earth more seriously. Her resource cannot last forever, especially after squandering so much of them, like forests, water, crops and many more.
Its so marvelous that it took Earth millions of years to build it and we have managed to destroy it withing a few thousand years of inheritance. We think ourselves to be the 'God', to waste as much as we can...without the care for the other living animals. ( We treat humans like animals...thus it is obvious that we would pay much less attention and care to the "real" animals out in the wild!).
Acres of forest are being cleared everyday around the globe and some of us aren't even aware of the things going on. Ice caps and glaciers are shrinking like never before and it is estimated that 20% of Florida, Northern California, london, NYC will be e flooded within the next Millennium! But some people are trying to get these into the focus ( thanks to the directors like James Cameron). We have taken Earth as granted, did whatever we felt like, tried to take over Nature. But its enough. Now we should do something, not only for our sakes but for the future, a more eco-friendly future.
Let us try to make this world a better place to live in. We can all contribute IF we WANT to. Being Ignorant won't help...you cannot tick nature, you cannot over power it. I just want to make you feel, to look around yourselves and SEE that there IS a world outside the Playstation 3, Xboxes and the Hollywood film stars. And that world is reaching its doom!
I urge you people to contribute, no not by money, but by saving resources. Individually and by individual million we can contribute a lot. This is not a "****"...but just an appeal to my friends, brothers and sisters. We can make a difference if we all WANT to. Ignorance can lead us so far. Ever since childhood I have been trying to make these things known to my community, who are basically poor Indians. And since you people are mostly from the "developed" countries..I am sure that you will understand much better.
I know that there will be, and bound to be a lot of negative comments but I wont be discouraged, as I know that there are people who are willing to support this.
Let us not waste water..remember that many people (in thousands and perhaps millions) have to walk scores of miles to get a pot of water. Secondly please don't use your Cars and Motor Bikes to go to school...save fuel. I wish the Captain Planet cartoon was being aired here! It is us who can prevent the third World war, which is going to be fought over Oil and Water.
I have created this thread so that we may bring in new ideas about how to save our Mother..to make it more sustainable, healthier and cleaner. Lets make a smarter planet, and to make this we have to be smarter. I didn't find any worth post in this forum for sometime now, and thought to put something worthwhile. Something to think and ponder upon. Just remember that we have nowhere else to go, our only hope is our Mother Earth and if we kill it, we will die. NASA people hasn't yet found out a habitable place in the universe!!
Please post any ideas that you have to make this world a better place to live in!

(Sorry for the long post)
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Replies to: Let's make a smarter planet.....

  • swkim51swkim51 Registered User Posts: 272 Junior Member
    What we can do now, is reduce to usage of fossil fuels, and stop the razing of rainforests to preserve biodiversity.
  • PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    See you cant rule out the developing and underdeveloped countries as such. They largely depend upon forest and fossil fuels....some renewable energy source might help.But they are still expensive. Isn't it?
  • swkim51swkim51 Registered User Posts: 272 Junior Member
    yeah I guess. But if that means undeveloped countries will be using tons of fossil fuels trying to get themselves industrialized, I think we need to learn from our mistakes from the past and come up with a solution quick. Also, undeveloped countries are the ones with usually a lot of natural resources and we can't afford to lose them imo..
  • MosbyMarionMosbyMarion Registered User Posts: 2,656 New Member
    swkim51: It's easy to talk about the tragic loss of rainforest when you're sitting comfortably in your home in America, drinking a soda or enjoying a hot shower. If you live in South America and saving the rainforest means your wife and kids will starve, you may take a different perspective. Anything we do needs to take the needs of the locals into account.

    As far as eco-science goes, I think it'd be great to conserve our resources and leave a better world to furture generations, but I also think that almost all of the current proposals are based on faulty science and/or hidden motives. I think we need to step back, look at the facts, and figure out what really needs to be done before we plow ahead with plans that may do far more damage than good.
  • PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    We must conserve resources...but not at the expense of rainforests and biodiversity. However personally i feel that before anythign else the developing nations should control the POPULATION problem!..Its a huge problem...and it has no overnight solution. If the population goes on increasing then we cant help in any condition!
  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 Registered User Posts: 4,519 Senior Member
    Odds are I'll be dead before the next millennium hits. Given that life is short, I'm going to drive my 12 mpg truck everywhere I can, blast my A/C, leave my electronics on when I leave and enjoy everything while I can.
  • PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    @Cuse... I know that there are some people who dont understand anything except for their playstations. And America has this majority. And just after a few years Mr Cuse...when you grow mature and will be perhaps be "able to think"...you will contemplate that "what a world we have left behind for our sons and daughters!!!".
    I think I pretty much wasted my time on commenting for you. Anyway...I was sure that there were bound to be some of these comments...so never mind. Thanks for your "brilliant" ideas anyway!
  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 Registered User Posts: 4,519 Senior Member
    I hate video games-grew out of them years ago. Would much rather be driving around burning some oil and supporting our good friends in Saudi Arabia. You know they're building a huge school for women with some of their oil money? I think I'm doing the world a favor by helping to fund that.
  • PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    Oh that's good.
  • PhoenixRPhoenixR Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    Well well... fascinating....
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