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Running workouts

kinglinkinglin Registered User Posts: 2,296 Senior Member
edited October 2005 in College Confidential Cafe
Right now I'm running pretty serious, now doing two a days, and pushing myself quite a bit. And looking at comparing workouts to college level.

Where can I find college cross country workouts online?

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Replies to: Running workouts

  • nirvanarageatmnirvanarageatm Registered User Posts: 494 Member
    trackshark.com has some journals of elite college runners (Michigan's Nick Willis for example), though he is now pro. Do you run for your hs team? My best advice is to listen to your coach. Don't try to take training into your own hands. Unless your coach is really bad, you will get faster; however, on regular (non workout runs), you need to be pushing the pace. For distance runners, you really only need to do tempo runs and possibly strides. I got faster after high school just by running 6-10 miles every day at 6 minute pace. i do triathlons now, so I run about 6 days a week. During the season, I do 6+ miles every day constantly pushing the pace-aiming for 5:45-6:00 pace and 1 long run (10+ miles) a week. Now that I am back at college, I am training for a marathon. Hope that helps.
  • coquicoqui Registered User Posts: 1,682 Senior Member
    i have a random question for you track runners. why do you like running?

    and i'm not trying to make it sound like i think running is stupid, it's not. it's just sooo repetitive and (for me) boring. i'm consider myself really athletic, can't live without playing sports. i was being recruited for tennis at several colleges and love basketball too. and of course with any sport there is "conditioning" which involves several things, one of which is running. i don't mind sprints, but anything over half a mile is just annoying to me. i can't take the monotony. it's not that i can't run that much, that's not it. it's just i don't see how xc or marathon runners can do it. it's def one of the most physically grueling sports, no doubt. it extremely difficult to be in great shape to run long long distances. but it seems to be one of the most redundant sports as well.

    so what exactly makes you love running? after half a mile i just feel bored and want to chase after a ball or have someone try and block me from running. i can't just run. i understand beating your own self and improving on your own time can be satisfying and make you run that much more, but damn. haha. after 6 miles i'd wouldn't care what my own time was, i'd want to beat someone in a game or beat a team. i just like the variety and uncertainty tennis and basketball brings. i like constant change i guess. and i like using my hands some sort of eye-hand coordination.

    anyway, this came up at tennis practice when we saw some people running. sorry it's so long. an again, i'm not knockin on running. it's a difficult sport to train for and get in top condition for. but you guys/girls are crazy, and i mean that in the best way.
  • nirvanarageatmnirvanarageatm Registered User Posts: 494 Member
    Yeah it's different for each person. For me running is really the only sport at which I have been successful, though I am now a strong swimmer, cyclist, and triathlete, but running remains my favorite discipline. I believe there is no feeling comparable to a runners high, maximizing your turnover, and constantly pushing the pace. If my legs are loose and feeling good, I feel indestructable when I run. I love long, solitary runs, as they help me deal with stress (school, girls, other $hit), etc. Also, in high school, my closest friends were my cross country teammates in my class. I have a very strong cardiovascular system, so when I run, I can breathe and talk normally (I usually don't like to run with people anymore, as I now use running as a time of inward reflection), and that feeling of being relaxed and extremely powerful is unlike anything else. As far as racing, I never really liked cross country and track races, but I LOVE racing triathlons, mainly because of the individual nature of the sport and the necessity of pushing through pain. Some people I know who are amazing runners hate it but do it because of parental pressure, college opportunities, etc. I personally love it, and find it addictive.
  • metsfanmetsfan Registered User Posts: 699 Member
    If you know that you want to run a certain distance, say 5 miles, and in the past you were only able to run a lesser distance, say 3 miles, then the feeling you get when you complete that 5 miles, although you're panting and about to collapse, is the greatest feeling in the world. That's just how I feel about running, though. I totally could understand how someone could consider it boring, but for me, running is a great way to clear my mind, and not have to worry about school, getting into a good college, or anything else that's bothering me.
  • coquicoqui Registered User Posts: 1,682 Senior Member
    cool. if i must, i prefer dealing with my stress by smashing a ball ith my racquet. haha. but i see what you mean about feeling really accomplished when you push yourself that way. that's how i feel when i hit an incredible shot.
  • nirvanarageatmnirvanarageatm Registered User Posts: 494 Member
    yeah I mean it's all about personal preference. For Reggie Miller it might be hitting clutch 3s. For Peyton Manning it might be throwing ridiculous tds, subsequently making defenses (particularly that of the patriots later in this season) incompetent.
  • robotFOODrobotFOOD Registered User Posts: 957 Member
    the best part of running is crossing the finish line of a race.
  • banedon17banedon17 Registered User Posts: 2,556 Senior Member
    i just like to think i'm chasing something, and when i reach the finish line (assuming there is), the feeling is that I caught what I wanted. Ureshii!! It's a good morale booster for me.
  • NoFXNoFX Registered User Posts: 3,784 Senior Member
    I don't like long distance running but I love sprints.. I love it how you are right in the front and you can't see anyone next to you and that you know you are going to win in the next 20 sec or something.

    I dont like long distance because I'm not good at it.. I don't have that great stamina to last me 3 hours or anything. I can run for 1 hr straight though!
  • kinglinkinglin Registered User Posts: 2,296 Senior Member
    Aww man, I just got done runnning a race at Sioux passage this morning, and it's def. as hard at they say. Typicaly I run 16min range, but this time my times dropped to 17:30, yet still metaled. The course is noted by Runners World High School Magazine, and Dyestat, as one of the top 10 hardest courses in the nation, and that it is. All hills, in fact, one of them called the 'Man Maker' will kick your butt if you try to hard. So despite the slower time, still metaling was quite nice, espically since 3 of the top 5 top teams in the state of Missouri were there.
  • EclipticaEcliptica Registered User Posts: 947 Member
    Posting in a running thread even though I have nothing to really add, because that's what I do.
  • ilovemath314159ilovemath314159 Registered User Posts: 980 Member
    im on xc! i am not the best runner, but i ran a 2.5 mile race at van cortland this saturday, in 20:11 !! (that is amazing for me, so everybody say yay!) it was JV, and there were 70 people and i got 22nd place. top 25 get medals!!!!!! yeaaaa
  • zpmqxonwzpmqxonw Registered User Posts: 1,052 Senior Member
    congrats! i did horrible at our invite on saturday because i still felt a little sick but am hoping to make up for it this thursday:) we got 3rd in the invite and our #1 runner ran a 15:40 5k!
  • kinglinkinglin Registered User Posts: 2,296 Senior Member
    In Missouri right now, our best runner is around 16 flat. I don't think anyone has beaten 16 yet... so sad.
  • EclipticaEcliptica Registered User Posts: 947 Member
    It's still early in the season. Jacob Boone ran 16:03, I think that's Missouri's top time this year.
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