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How to Do Well In College: Calling All Advice and Tips of Any Magnitude!

ttenderlyttenderly 9 replies8 threads New Member
Hi there!

I'm attending UCSB as a freshman in the fall, but I'd really, really like to transfer next year or the year after. I have visited the campus multiple times, met with faculty, spoken to current & incoming students, checked out possible courses, seen the city, etc., and the school is simply not for me (it was the only place I was admitted, which is why I chose it). I know I'll probably grow to like it, but I really would like to transfer. (Please understand I'm not dissing UCSB at all, it's just not for me.)

So I'm calling on you, College Confidential, to give me any and all tips and advice, big and small, on how to do well in college. From academics to internships to not being broke to getting along with your roommate, anything to help a new university student. (I want to increase my chances of being able to transfer as much as possible, which starts with doing as well as I can at UCSB. But I also hope that anyone can benefit from the advice anyone chooses to share.)

Thank you so much in advance!
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  • Pennylane2011Pennylane2011 2704 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Attend as if you are going to stay there.

    Even if you have plans to transfer, attending with the attitude that you don't plan to stay will affect your experience emotionally and it can change your experience. People are meeting new friends, joining clubs, and making UCSB their new home for the next for years. Many are happy to be there. However, with the attitude that is isn't for you, and you are not going to stay, you will not do this wholeheartedly. People will sense that.

    Most colleges have general education requirements and prerequisites for majors. If you have some colleges in mind, you may want to look at the transfer equivalents when you choose your classes, but for many colleges, they are similar- a wide range of intro courses.

    To do well academically requires discipline, time management, and the ability to resist the party scene. This doesn't mean not ever having fun, but some students have too much fun and too little studying.

    You can apply to transfer, but it isn't a guarantee, so make the most of where you are.
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