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Medical Withdrawal - PLEASE HELP ME

bamboninobambonino 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hope my thread is in the right place. Well, I’m an international student who’s studying in USA. I have very complicated issue and I tried my best to make it shorter and clear for you so please excuse my English.

I am having what seems to be severe depression and anxiety that really affected my attendants and performance in spring semester, which led to receive two “F”s. I have not go to any doctor but only seen a school consular for 3 times and I did not found her really helpful with me and I did not meet her after that. It is the worst thing I have faced, I woke up and spent sometimes 9 hours thinking of any thing without eating, I done a lot of homework and do not submit them because I feel very hopeless for no reason, I get strange moods, I do not to talk to any one..etc.

Now, my GPA went below 2.0, which mean that my scholarship that I have from my government will be terminated (they told me that they will not accept any appeal only deal with my transcripts that should have over 2.0 GPA. And told me any concerns about my GPA should be dealt with my university).

However, I just discovered that there’s only one option to rise my GPA, offered by my university, called “medical withdrawal from a previous semester”, which is to appeal a grade change to “W” but need to verify my mental condition by a doctor and they ask him to fill out the following about me:

Mental health condition (brief description), Date of onset of condition, Duration of condition, in your opinion, did the condition impede the student’s ability to attend class? Please list the dates when attendance may have been impacted? In your opinion, did the condition impede the student’s ability to complete coursework? Please list the dates when coursework may have been impacted.

Now, I am going to see a psychologist, to help me with my condition because I really want to treat my mental illness as well as really want him to vitrify my condition BUT, my concerns are:

1) Should the doctor write the date of onset of condition and other needed information as the date I started seeing him or the date that it really started to me during spring semester? (I’m afraid that he’s goanna say he cannot write that because he might say: “how I can know, you might be a lair”).

2) my condition itself is the main reason of why I did not go to see a doctor or seek for. In addition to the depression symptoms that I mentioned some of them above, I truly feel that I am acting unconsciously most of the time. So, would that be a reasonable/legal factor to support my case –of why I did not go to doctor during the spring semester- with either the doctor or the school?

3) What do you think is better, to ask him to fill out my school form at the beginning of seeing him or at the end of my treatment? (I really do not want him to feel that I here manipulating and just his notes and not seek for a treatment).

Please help me with any thing might help. I really do not want to go back home and see my family with empty hands for a stupid mental condition that came out of the blue and is completely out of my control.
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