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Advice for Writers Block

camiruthcamiruth 39 replies5 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone!

I did ED to a school and am waiting to hear back, and I've already sent in my applications to my safety schools and a few of my likely and reach schools (submitted to: Amherst, Tulane, Kenyon, Muhlenberg, Ithaca, OSU, Allegheny, Buter (admitted), Ithaca). I still have a lot of supplemental essays to write in case I don't get into my ED, but there have been a lot of things going on at home and school that have made me extremely stressed. I sit in front of my laptop for hours and I can't seem to get the words out, but normally I'm a very swift and natural writer! My high school wants me to turn in my essays in two days (probably not going to be able to make that happen) and I am stuck!!! Any advice?

Btw these are the schools I still have to finish or write essays for:
UNC (due in Feb, so I have time for this one)

I know I know, 19 schools may be more than I should be applying to...
5 replies
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Replies to: Advice for Writers Block

  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    And this is why.
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  • camiruthcamiruth 39 replies5 threads Junior Member
  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    Why 19 schools is too many. It is hard to pull together that many genuinely good supplemental essays. (Along with paying all the fees involved and doing all the FA paperwork if you are applying for FA). Maybe you should drop some schools.
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  • camiruthcamiruth 39 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @intparent yeah, I agree. I think I am going to drop Swarthmore, UPenn, and Lehigh - it's just too much!
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  • rowleydaisyrowleydaisy 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi dear @camiruth ! Check out these 10 quick cures for writer's block (including EFT) and save your time :

    1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). See video for a sample of how to do EFT for writer's block. This is worth trying even if you feel silly at first. EFT works wonders for all sort of blocks, certainly it can work for writer's block! Try this and you may not need the rest.

    2. Walk away. "What?!" you say. Stop thinking about the writing you have to do, put your pencil down, turn off the computer (yes, really). Now walk away. If you're just trying to think of what or how to write in your head, think of something else. Distract yourself from the fact that you need to write for a few moments so you can clear the way for inspiration.

    3. Read. Yes, I said read. I know, you don't have time for that, right? Well, take just a few minutes to either read about your chosen topic or from something completely different. Either you'll come across some ideas that will spark something within you to a new way of how to approach your topic or you'll free some space in your creativity by taking a break from obsessing about what you're not doing.

    4. Write a letter. Get those juices flowing with a letter to Grandma, an old friend, or a new pen pal. Talk about life, the weather, whatever, just get the feeling of putting pen to paper, fingertips to keyboard.

    5. Free write. Along with writing a letter, you can also try free writing. Write about anything that comes to mind. Have an opinion? Just start writing it down. I'm sure you can have an argument with yourself about how "right" you are. This can get you in the frame of mind to start questioning and delving a little deeper, which is great when it comes to writing!

    6. Start a https://domywriting.com/ account. That's right, if you're not already a domywriting published author, give it a try. The feeling of having something out there for everyone to read just might help you feel good enough to write what you need to write. Or you can create an article and view what it would look like if you chose to publish it.

    7. Fill a glass of water. While drinking half of the glass, ask for inspiration to start and complete your writing. Be specific and just state this request to your Self. Now go take a walk or do something else for a little while. If you have overnight, do this just before bed. Drink the other half of the glass and receive the answer to your request!

    8. Go play. Think of something you find enjoyable for a few minutes. You've likely been a little hard on yourself if you're stuck and doing a favorite activity may help you get back in the mood to produce something you're proud of.

    9. Visualize or write about how you'll feel when you're done. You might take a few minutes to think about how happy you were last time you wrote something really awesome, or just complete. Close your eyes if it helps and feel the feeling of completion and joy with what you produced. Or write it down, starting with, "I am so happy that I wrote or my writing..." Write your success story of yourself writing. Just try it.

    10. Just get started. Okay, you've beat around the bush, procrastinated, thought this or that about I can't do it, the inspiration isn't there, yada yada. Just start writing about what you desire to write about and see what happens. Do not ball it up and throw it away. Keep it going and let it flow. You've got the gift, choose to receive it.
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