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UWC Application Essays

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I am applying for UWC this year and there were four essay questions. This is the first one. Please share your views on this.
1. Tell us about any subject or activity (or both) that you are passionate about. Help us understand why you think it is fascinating and/or important.

A thing I like doing is listening to stories; listening to people’s experiences. I am passionate about learning what they are passionate about.
This could explain my interest in novels. They are my best pass time. I took up reading four years ago. Since then, I am engrossed in fiction novels. It takes me to a different world, living a different life. It has increased my creativity and imagination. It makes me think that the world is my oyster and motivates me to dream bigger.
My boarding school facilitated me to recognize my potential and develop my interest. A rather strange interest that I have developed is in history which earlier I never considered it to be my cup of tea. I used to fear that subject like any other student. Never would one have imagined, reading my NCERT textbooks would get me digging into that subject. I learned that our present is shaped by our past; how we have molded some of the great ideologies for our benefit today. It helps us to understand why our societies are the way they are. There is a history for all of that which is taking place today. Nowadays, we need to know the history before we look into any issue, be it of the world or minor community. I believe every person I meet has a different past which is the reason they look at things differently than I do. I found it fascinating that by taking people’s perspective, I can expand my knowledge and think more rationally.
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