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Essay help: Deeper spin on a conventional topic

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I'm a middle class guy and I haven't had any life-changing event that I can talk about in my essays. I've only been able to come up with one topic so far, but it's based on moving, which I know is a really common topic in essays. The main distinction is that my topic won't be about moving a bunch throughout my life -- rather, it'll be about the last time I moved, and how it transformed me into being a stronger individual because of cultural changes with a different age group and language. Basically, I moved from a neighborhood of people of the same language to more people of the same language (I'm an immigrant), and our culture is heavily based on building a community out of these same people. The thing is, when I moved, I lost the ability to have people older and the same age as me, like I did before. I had nobody to tell me how the world works in America, and since the third grade, I was forced into learning it all by myself. I became the role model for the kids in my neighborhood, I learned the ideas of American culture, etc. The language that made up my home just didn't feel the same, but it forced me to become a leader in my community. I'm concerned on how this topic will play out with AOs and how I can structure the essay.
Send me a message or reply and I'll give more detailed info. or a better explanation on the topic. My main issue if I go with this topic is how I can "show, not tell" the whole thing because it covers such a large time period.
Thanks for your help!
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