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Essay Topic About Rehab

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Hey there!

I've done my own research concerning discussing essay topics that deal with personal drug usage, and the results were generally inconclusive. Some people suggested that it would be a compelling story and would be unique, while others said that it would be an overall liability and should not be written about. Let me preface this by stating that I do not plan on getting into detail about my drug usage, the reasons why I used or how I overcame addiction. While these are important pieces to the story, I can definitely see why I do not want to include the bulk of the negative experiences concerning these aspects of my life as they are red flags to any college admissions readers. What I do want to touch on is my life following my recovery and the extensive work I've done as an active support member of my program. I've seen people's lives change in ways I cannot describe and watched their higher powers do actions through them. This has been the only life I've known for a while, and I couldn't imagine writing about anything else, especially not as passionately. I plan on going to college to become a researcher of addiction or to become a sobriety counselor, so it is truly the option I am most passionate about. I know most admissions officers might have a stigma or prejudice against teens that have a troubled past and have recovered, but I'm just wondering if there is any way that this could work out for me.
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