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Do ivy leagues consider mental health and family matters?

acollegeplzacollegeplz 1 replies7 threads New Member
My GPA before high school ends should be 4.39. I transferred to a new school freshman year and I had 3 b's and my mental health was horrible because of family stuff. Freshman year I had a 3.64, Sophmore year a 3.92, Junior year a 4.58 and Senior year a 5. Would they ignore Freshman year and Sophmore year?
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Replies to: Do ivy leagues consider mental health and family matters?

  • Techno13Techno13 305 replies11 threads Member
    Most schools look favorably on an upward trend but I wouldn't say they ignore Fresh/Soph years. And Ivies don't really have to ignore anything since since they have so may high stats applicants. You should be sure you have some other safeties lined up. What's your SAT/ACT? Do you have AP or SAT Subject Test scores that reinforce your Junior/Senior grades?

    I have also seen comments on here indicating that schools might start shying away from students with mental health issues b/c colleges are becoming overrun with that and don't have the capacity to provide support. Not sure if its true but you might want to focus your explanation on the family issues and school transfer and not mental health.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34779 replies392 threads Senior Member
    In general, top colleges want the strongest class they can build. That includes academics, experiences you pursued, *and* personal traits. Issues in any of those can affect your shot. As tecno13 said so many high stats kids, with no stumbles.

    OP, are those weighted gpa numbers? Top colleges will look at the transcript. In real life, overcoming is commendable. But the competition for a tippy top is nuts. Try to know what does matter.
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