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Misspelling in Yale Supplemental Essay

coolbeans2024coolbeans2024 2 replies1 threads New Member
So, I was going through my Yale SCEA application, and I noticed that I misspelled "Portuguese" as "Portguese." Normally, I would say that a careless mistake like this is a result of rushing through an application, but at least 6 different people read my essays, including English teachers. I'm pretty frustrated by this because I'm afraid it'll undo 4 years of achievements. Do you think Yale would automatically reject my application because of this?
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Replies to: Misspelling in Yale Supplemental Essay

  • vonlostvonlost 18830 replies14698 threads Super Moderator
    Someone at Yale would have to notice the mistake!
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  • melon24melon24 23 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited November 30
    I would not worry too much about it. Admissions officers understand that the applicant is human and that humans make mistakes. I'm sure one small typo will not undermine all the other wonderful things in your application. Since you've already turned it in and it's out of your hands, I'd recommend trying not to lose sleep over it (I know it's hard, but just try!). Going forward, learn from the mistake and be sure to double check all your future essays before submitting them. Best wishes to you!!
    edited November 30
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