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This is application essay for a cornell summer program.

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Prompt: Briefly list your three most significant interests and activities, including any employment or volunteer work experience. Note the time you devote to each activity, during which grades you participated and your main responsibilities. Describe why one of these interests or activities is so important to you, your reasons for becoming involved in it, and your related accomplishments.

My three most significant interests or activities are unquestionably track and field, singing and debating on any type of issues. I am on my school’s track team; I entered the team in October of my freshman year of high school. I remember one day I was walking to my first-period class when a lady (who is now my coach) asked me if I wanted to be on the track team. I was new to the school and didn’t know anybody so I was in shock that this lady randomly asked me that. Briskly I accepted to join and started my first day the following week. I attend track practice every day while also participating in a college-prep program that is associated with the place where I attend practice. On the team, I mainly focus on throwing; which is part of the field events. I am still on the team and plan to continue throughout my high school year. Since I was a child I’ve always been in my church’s choir. Singing always calms my nerves are soothed and they just feel better. To get into my school I had to audition by singing and this is my second year being apart of my school’s vocal group. In my choir, I am usually an alto and sometimes a tenor. In addition, I have been rewarded a certificate for being the best in music theory which is another vocal class. I have this class every day except for Thursdays at my school. Anytime we perform as a group or choir my excitement heightens. Debating is one of my favorite thing to do because one trait about me is I love proving people wrong. Knowing the facts about things is vital for me because I like to be right. In my household, my parents rely on their own understanding but doing my research and acquiring knowledge about a certain thing allows me to speak on that issue. In totality, track is my passion because it has opened many doors of opportunities for me like this for example.
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  • myredditbruhmyredditbruh 14 replies0 threads New Member
    I don't know what you're asking us to do, but I'll give you a rating.

    Track Essay:
    - Boring
    - Your "reason" for joining track is because the coach asked you. Boring
    - You never mention how it affected u
    - Your accomplishments: You do everything a high school athlete is supposed to do. Congrats. Boring

    Music Essay:
    - At least you talk about the impact it has on you. It makes you feel better.
    - You talk about an accomplishment, being rewarded a certificate -- Congrats....
    - Boring

    Debate Essay:
    - You sound like a brat. I would not want to be friends with you. "I love proving people wrong". Okay, I don't think anyone likes being proven wrong, so make sure your friends actually like you. I think everyone likes to be right. No ones want to be wrong.... Congrats.
    - What things do you research to disprove your parents

    Conclusion Sentence:
    - You say track is your passion, but the track essay/portion was the worst one of them all
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