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Can a way of thinking be a theme?

TheJohnboiTheJohnboi 10 replies13 threads Junior Member
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I'm working on some supplements and the personal statement, and I need a theme. The thing is, I have two main notables that I want to focus more on: I speak five languages (like B2-B1 level) and I run an intellectual property business. So, what I've come up with to be able to focus on these two things is a way of thinking: problem solving.

As in, analysis, solving the problem, and then doing something about it. My question is, though, is this too vague or nebulous? I feel like it is a little confusing.

If it is, what do you guys think I should do? Focus on just one? If so, which one? Even though the language thing probably would come across as more of a passion (since I started learning French in like 5th grade), it doesn't fit so neatly into what I want to major in: economics (to become an entrepreneur). Why? Well, that goes back to the problem-solving personality component. The problem with the business is I've only been doing it for a couple months (but I've been sketching inventions ever since I can remember). So what are your thoughts?

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Replies to: Can a way of thinking be a theme?

  • LindagafLindagaf 10827 replies588 threads Super Moderator
    The success of this type of essay will come down to your level of skill. If you are a strong writer, try it. Bear in mind that it really helps if an AO is 1.) interested in what he/she is reading and 2.) can somehow visualize what you say.

    Why aren’t you focusing on what think is the most interesting thing you’ve mentioned, by far: sketching inventions for as long as you can remember. writing about a recent interest in business doesn’t compete, in my view, with inventions. Are your inventions intended to solve a problem? Seems to me THAT should your essay.
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  • TheJohnboiTheJohnboi 10 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @Lindagaf Hmm--I guess I never really considered that. Maybe I should clarify a little bit: the sketching of inventions kind of dipped from 7th grade to 11th grade. Anyway, I'll definitely have to consider that. Would I integrate the business into that or not?

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  • LindagafLindagaf 10827 replies588 threads Super Moderator
    As long as you did it in high school, it's totally valid. If you can tie into business go for it. Please remember though, the goal of your essay is to tell the AO something about you that they can't see anywhere else in the application. The goal is NOT to explain why you are choosing to major in business. They already know that. They want to see what you will add to the mix on campus. They want to like you. They want a reason to say yes.
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