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How to Write About Trauma in my College Essay?

idkmanthrowawayidkmanthrowaway 0 replies1 threads New Member
So, I want to talk about my childhood experience in a somewhat bad household, but how should I talk about it without making it seem like a sob story but not being so vague that the college AOs are confused?

Specifically, my dad was an alcoholic and I want to mention how I was able to "win" through that situation by making toys and stuff out of his beer boxes and later connecting that to my passion of creating illustrations and telling stories, but idk how i'm supposed to write about him without making it too focused on him....

Should I even mention him?

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Replies to: How to Write About Trauma in my College Essay?

  • 864346864346 76 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I think you have a great topic in your hands (I'm sorry that you had to grow up in that situation but it makes a memorable essay topic). Especially with the great nuances of you creating toys and "stuff" with beer boxes, you could craft a powerful essay with a bit of effort. Obviously you don't want to make this about your dad because then it turns into a bit of a sob story unless you write it well in my opinion, but if I were you I would mention your dad somewhere in the beginningish of your essay because your dad being the reason you had a somewhat bad household adds to the idea of overcoming adversity seeing as to how dads are supposed to have a positive impact on their child's life. (I'm not saying your dad didn't but it doesn't look that way based on your description)
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  • silverpurplesilverpurple 408 replies55 threads Member
    I think you can do this essay. Focus on your creativity and your unique hobbies. I like the toy part and your hobby of illustrations and telling stories. I think it could work. More readable than a covid essay in my opinion.

    It certainly meets the criteria that if someone would pick up this essay (without your name on it) they would most certainly know you authored it.
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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 1219 replies11 threads Senior Member
    And can you then look forward, and connect your creativity/hobbies/storytelling to your future plans?

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