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How to safely use CC for essay advice without getting ripped off!


Replies to: How to safely use CC for essay advice without getting ripped off!

  • MintyMinty 8 replies7 threads New Member
    Terribly scared of that too.

    Also, exactly how long does it take people to review essays? I send mine to someone but they have yet to reply. Of course it was just on sunday so I'm pretty sure that person didn't find time yet, but I just want to make sure.
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  • daiea08daiea08 348 replies49 threads Member
    So if anyone would like to post a name of trustworthy peopel for reading essays........feeeel free. Pleeease. There should definitely be some type of system for rating reliability of those who read essays for CCers. Let's do it!
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  • jb98021781jb98021781 78 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Now I am scared...is there anyway to unsend private messages?
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  • frazzledmaybefrazzledmaybe 195 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I also sent my essays to some people. Most didn't respond. It was lame and made me nervous...
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  • chickenboi8008chickenboi8008 2370 replies130 threads Senior Member
    ^^ i did that too...
    im seriously scared....
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  • jetsleykingstonjetsleykingston 14 replies2 threads New Member
    hey would anyone like to read MY essay & not rip it off? & provide constructive criticism? if so, PM me. i'd appreciate it!

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  • PerfectedxchaosPerfectedxchaos 843 replies29 threads Member
    Wow. Excellent advice and well worded.
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  • MSUEnglishMajorMSUEnglishMajor 30 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Ugh. So true!!! Crikey, when I was a freshman, I sent an essay to an online proofreading service. They charged me $9.99 and promised that I'd get my essay back, with corrections, by the end of the work week. I used Paypal to pay, and I never got my essay back! I complained a few times and *finally,* after two weeks or so, I got the paper back with like eight corrections on it. They said that the paper was "near perfect" and "didn't need proofreading." If that was the case (which it really wasn't), they should have refunded my money and declined to accept the essay. Argh. Such headaches.
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  • annabellannabell 82 replies7 threads Junior Member
    what I'm really scared about is if you pm your essay to someone, they steal it, and then you get rejected from your universities because someone else (or, god forbid, many other people) have the same essay!! apparently colleges have this "blacklist" type thing. eeearrghhh I sent mine out for feedback and now I'm soooo paranoid. maybe irrationally.
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  • polkadots1234polkadots1234 161 replies20 threads Junior Member
    FEEDBACK SYSTEM = genius!
    ... so why isn't there one?
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  • tetrisfantetrisfan 11647 replies144 threads Senior Member
    Hmm...I dunno. There should definitely be one.
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  • one_love11one_love11 43 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I totally agree. Regardless of being a new user , I gave feedback to several people and when of course I posted mine I was ripped off.

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  • ADadADad 3985 replies936 threads Senior Member
    I think that many readers, good and bad, would object to being publicly and perhaps unjustly named here.

    I think that there is greater wisdom in relying on people, particularly adults, who have an established record (long time and many posts) of posting here.
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  • ace 22 tennisace 22 tennis 163 replies15 threads Junior Member
    If anyone has had a good experience with a member of CC -- who reviewed their essay and gave great feedback -- post a small recommendation for them. I'm sure they would not mind the flattery.

    There are several individuals on the board who want someone on such a great site to review their hard work. So let's help them out.
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  • joeyyang91joeyyang91 29 replies4 threads Junior Member
    nice advice
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  • zengjunbo1119zengjunbo1119 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Thanks for your helpful information.
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  • funkygurlfunkygurl 39 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey this is really helpful...!!
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  • ChlormelChlormel 232 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I sent my essays to a number of people and of course very few (of those who say they'll read it) reply. Its also really silly to steal an essay cos if you're dum enough to steal it then the rest of your application will probably reflect your dumness.

    ace 22 tennis; I'd flatter "anhtimmy" , "asdfjkl1 and Quicksandslowly" who are both busy right now, "Schmoomcgoo" "waldorfwannabe" , "jptoor" and "Zester" plus some others who I doubt would want to publicly read essays.

    The rest of those guys claiming to be readers on that consolidated list will SO ignore you.
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  • ChlormelChlormel 232 replies9 threads Junior Member
    PS: At least they ignored me. They might reply to you.

    Cheers and good luck.
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  • roggle6292roggle6292 75 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I would personally feel horrible about trusting someone else if I got ripped off and they were in it for their personal gain. For me, editing essays is a passion... I enjoy helping other students, whether I know them or not, on this streeful college process. Plus it's all about intergrity. I find it completely IRONIC that you are applying to a college-usually tier- wanting to be a "good" asset to their school with "good" and "honest" traits then you come to a great site (which, once again, ironically is call College Confidential) only to steal or use someone else's work.

    Can't even fathom....
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