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How to safely use CC for essay advice without getting ripped off!

Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
edited August 2010 in College Essays
When sending out your essays over CC...keep these things in mind

1. Anyone can steal your essay or its ideas
2. Be wary of posters that have a low post count
3. Do a little research on the person you're PM-ing your essay to. Does this person only have posts in this essay section, do they help out others, have they been ont his board in various places for a while, how much general knowledge do they have?
4. Is it the best idea to get advice from other high school students? Ask parents, family friends, other adults. I'm sure some at the parents' cafe would be happy to help.
5. Just because someone claims to be something...doesn't mean they are. A poster may claim to be a freshman at some college, but look to see if he/she really is. Look at their last 50 posts...just grazing by what they're talking about.
6. Never identify yourself. Don't give personal information. It's fien that you're getting help, but don't trust this person to where you're giving out personal info.
7. Never take anyoen's suggestions if they seem random or off-the-wall. Trust yourself. Some people will go to any length to ruin another's essay.
8. If someone is applying to the same schools as you...don't send them your essay. It's just tempting them.
9. Think about this. If an adult was watching you...would they trust the saem poster as you would?
10. Don't state what school you're applying to in the thread name. If someone sees a name like Harvard, Penn, Stanford, Duke, etc....they're ten times more likely to want to read it...to improve their own essay. This is wrong and is cheating...dont let it happen to you.

Happy revising/editing!
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Replies to: How to safely use CC for essay advice without getting ripped off!

  • Roger_DooleyRoger_Dooley 6083 replies100309 threadsFounder Senior Member
    That's all good advice, Aspen D. There is lots of good help and advice here, but one should always be cautious about giving out too much information, either in the forums or by private message/email.
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Hence number 6 :]
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  • Ilovesoftball44Ilovesoftball44 1365 replies132 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for posting this :)
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  • genericgeniusgenericgenius 330 replies2 threads Member
    thanks, this should be really useful.. it is!!!!
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    No problem.
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  • ns347ns347 850 replies83 threads Member
    which is why I would never post my essay online nor discuss it in detail. After being admitted...I wouldnt mind helping people out....but im not giving my essays away.
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  • WindCloudUltraWindCloudUltra 1703 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Lol...I'm not comfortable giving away my OLD essays and I'm already in college.
    I am however, willing to read some essays granted if I have time.
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  • shleasmomshleasmom 36 replies3 threads Junior Member
    On a practical level I agree with the general gist of these precautions. I am a parent and browsed CC since 05. I officially joined the community this year, even so i do not feel it necessary to ‘post’ if others are already saying what potentially amounts to what I would. On the other hand I have often cautioned posters sometimes via PMs when they present too much, or ask others the type of information that could make them vulnerable to crazies. I am hyper-vigilant about security (especially now with DD in college on sites such as Facebook).

    In terms of in internet communities, I limit my self to few- a couple professional sites and CNN, but have found CCers to be some of the most supportive and courteous folks. I have recommended the site to just about all the parents in my many affiliations.
    Personally, having been involved with pvt independent schools for over 15 years I am always assisting kids with thier high school and college application planning. I love doing it and never hesitate when asked.

    So, although I agree 100% with being cautious about privacy, in terms of essays; let me remind you that there are hundreds of essay-planning books, comprised of selected candidates’ authentic winning-essays -. It would be all too easy to copy from those. However, I also feel the majority of kids in the CC community are conscientious, ambitious and motivated who understand that the individual's voice is measured across the total application including teacher’s recommendations.
    It is not unusual that an application fails on the fact that parts just do not reconcile.

    My bit of advice would be just use care, think about how much he information in your drafts will identify you, e.g. change identifiers such as your school’s name, your towns or work places etc. AND if you have no one to help you review your work, you might miss an opportunity to get some assistance. Finally, the number of posts is not necessary criteria on which to measure a genuine community member or their intention.
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  • korektphoolkorektphool 115 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Well said Aspen D. Security is vital dans nos jours.
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Shleasmom--I knwo that post count isn't always accurate, but it's one of those blanket safety rules. People with one post haven't built up credibility. That's all.

    It's sort of like eBay. Do you feeel more comfortable buying froms omeone with 1394 reviews or someone with 8 reviews?
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  • S2530S2S2530S2 428 replies72 threads Member
    seems like korektphool (2 comments above me) is one of these essay thieves -_- go write your own essays dammit. and good post, Aspen D.
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  • lilav89lilav89 59 replies26 threads Junior Member
    we should have a feedback system, say someone asked to read and essay but they didnt give a response or advice back than they should have -1, on the other hand if they offer advice and reply they should get +1 feedback or we can use percents, for example someone could have 99% feedback, so we can be sure that people who offer to help will help. Don't ask me how to set it up I've seen it used in other forums and on ebay but I have no idea how it works, but hey it's just an idea.
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    I wholeheartedly agree with you lilav89....i think someone mentioned this in another thread as well....

    admins, where are you guys on this idea? No? Yes?
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  • sweetdreamsweetdream 725 replies58 threads Member
    that's a good idea. There are a few people who voluntarily offering to read others' essay and that scares me.
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  • hrhcowhrhcow 581 replies123 threads Member
    i know! aafter reading this post, i'm slightly creeped out and paranoid. even worse, i'm scared that my essay might be in the wrong hands because some that offered to read my essay never replied x_x
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  • TheVeganActressTheVeganActress 6613 replies53 threads Senior Member
    yes, please have some sort of feedback system!

    everyone should read this thread before sending essays!
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  • Atomicbomb22Atomicbomb22 370 replies29 threads Member
    ^^I whole-heartedly agree with you debateaddict. I'm really afraid of sending my essay to some unknown person, and a feedback system would really make my life easier.
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  • ev_90ev_90 16 replies12 threads New Member
    thats true
    i did mine already and submitted it with a little help from friends
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