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What are your college pet peeves?


Replies to: What are your college pet peeves?

  • RoxSoxRoxSox 2168 replies11 threads Senior Member
    ^ This. Had to race out of a party last weekend because one of our friends projectile vomited over the whole party and ****ed off this huge dude who then tried to attack him. Yeah...
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  • arachnophobia12arachnophobia12 2708 replies14 threads Senior Member
    You know what really chaps my posterior? Roommates who claim 'martyr' status/seek out scapegoats. Your 'ish' stinks, too, jerk! Save the hypocrisy for someone who can't see through it.
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  • AnagramPandaAnagramPanda 723 replies15 threads Member
    Dorms lacking elevators.
    The sound of trains going by.
    Slow Internet.
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  • October47October47 962 replies59 threads Senior Member
    On the elevator thing:

    tonight someone actually got on, took the elevator one story down, and then said "I was too lazy to walk!"

    That's actually happened a few times here, and when someone admits they're just playing around with the elevators to be stupid, that is annoying.
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  • cosine45cosine45 822 replies44 threads Member
    My school's policy of banning cigarette smoking on campus. I'm not a cigarette smoker, but the problem is that all the people who want to smoke congregate on the edge of campus (i.e. the path I walk to class). It's like walking through a continuous smoke cloud every morning. Seriously, it would be less harmful for people exposed to second-hand smoke if the smokers were dispersed across campus. What a stupid idea.
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  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 5890 replies76 threads Senior Member
    Last week after one of my literature classes the professor cornered me in the elevator afterward and walked like two blocks drilling me on analysis of the book we were reading (which I had only skimmed that day) I think to see if I had kept up with the reading, and today I hadn't even skimmed so I took the stairs down three floors to make sure it couldn't happen again, and now my knees are killing me so much I have to sleep on the couch because I can't climb the ladder for my loft. So add crazy professors to the list.

    And how about ridiculous midterm schedules. My first midterm was October 15th and my last one is not until a week from today. My midterms will last literally a month. I am pretty sure they were supposed to all fit into a nice week or two but not for me. Five exams and six papers. Eurgh.

    I also don't like when we have to exchange papers to grade classmates quizzes. I had a quiz today I'd totally forgotten about, worth like .0000000001% of my participation grade only and totally not a big deal, but I definitely did not want the random person next to me to know my grade. If professors can't tell my parents my grades I am not sure why they are allowed to share them with the class. *angryface*

    Can you tell I am in a bad mood? lol. I slept through my tv shows. :(
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  • AtlanticJumperAtlanticJumper 163 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, add the quarter term system to the list. I had midterms 2 weeks ago, now I have this week full of exams annnd...finals in less than a month.
    Professors who speak so fast it sounds like it's in a different tongue. Pretty much why I'm completely lost in math right now...
    Annnnd...TV shows. Not being able to watch TV like normal people. Not that watching it online is difficult (I have no problem watching TV instead of homework) but when the show is released online a week and a day after its original airing...and only keep the latest 3 episodes...rawr. Pet peeve of the networks, as well?
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  • drexelerdrexeler 675 replies33 threads Member
    people who don't bring their key with them everywhere, then they wonder why they're locked out
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  • kyleUTkyleUT 22 replies10 threads Junior Member
    1. My Roommate... Lol, I live in an on-campus apartment, and I have to do ALL the cleaning... I am the only one who sweeps/mops, loads the dishwasher, unloads the dishwasher, takes out the trash, etc. My roommate will use MY dishes and keep them in the sink, expecting me to load them. What are we, 5?!?!! Also, I am a light sleeper and like it really quiet when I go to sleep. I thought he was too, as on the roommate questionnaire I clearly said I liked it really quiet at night. Oh, but he will get home at 3AM when I have class at 9AM, and he will turn the TV blaring loud until like 5AM!!

    Not to mention that the living room is not his bedroom. Yet when he is here, he is always in the living room. It becomes annoying because I can seldom have friends over because we can't just cram in my small room!

    2. The campus police here... Very very strict. You can't drive to your apartment after 11PM without getting pulled over, even if you were driving perfectly. There comes a time when there is too much security.

    3. The fact that some professors mark the essays really low for a few minor grammatical mistakes. Such as, "double spacing" the paragraphs when it shouldn't be. A tiny error yet they take off a letter grade because of it. Instead of worrying about the format of the essay, worry about the content!!

    4. The mere fact that I had to get out $16,500 in loans this year yet everyone else seems to get grants and only have to take out a few thousand dollars in loans. It doesn't seem fair to me. My parents are far from rich. They have massive financial problems, yet they expect them to pay pretty much every penny for my tuition.

    5. The fact that the library is a long walk from where I am, which is incredibly annoying

    6. The fact that it takes a good 25 minutes to get to parts of the campus from my ON-CAMPUS apartment, yet there is no shuttle service offered... Yet I have to pay like $120/semester for "transportation fees." Why am I paying for transportation fees when the shuttles only go to OFF-CAMPUS apartments!!

    7. The ridiculous rent for this apartment... $686 per month. Though this may seem good for an apartment, the dorms are only about $40 cheaper and they are hideous.

    I guess that's about it.. :)
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  • kyleUTkyleUT 22 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Oh, here is one that really irks me...

    Everyone knows I am a really nice person. So I have a friend who never attends class and never does any work. Sunday comes around, and there is a test.(they are administered online.) I took mine on Friday but she waits specifically until I get back from my hometown. I am tired, hungover, and have been in the car for nearly 3 hours due to traffic. She blows up my phone insisting that I give her the answers to the test. I tell her I don't want to cheat and I don't feel good. She still persists. Constantly. Non-stop. I feel like I have no choice, so I help her.

    It is unfair that I studied hours for these tests(we've had 3 so far), and she never even goes to class, yet makes the same grade as me, because she insists I help her. Like, she insists so much that it feels like if I don't she is going to like injure me! Lol I HATE PEOPLE WHO DONT WORK FOR THEIR OWN GRADES!!!!!! This is why I am so thankful for finals, because at least then no one can cheat!
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  • burningham17burningham17 76 replies1 threads Junior Member
    No paper towels in the bathroom.

    I'm all for being green, but those are some seriously bad dryers.
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  • ellopoppetellopoppet 250 replies5 threads Junior Member
    No paper towels in my dorm building's bathrooms. AND no dryers. You literally have to wipe your hands on your pants after washing them. I don't understand why the school can't take a couple hundred dollars from the total room & board budget and give us one or the other.
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  • rakhmanberdievarakhmanberdieva 13 replies0 threads New Member
    a roomate who can not take after herself/himself
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  • NWrnnr5NWrnnr5 238 replies1 threads Junior Member
    cosine45 wrote:
    My school's policy of banning cigarette smoking on campus. I'm not a cigarette smoker, but the problem is that all the people who want to smoke congregate on the edge of campus (i.e. the path I walk to class). It's like walking through a continuous smoke cloud every morning. Seriously, it would be less harmful for people exposed to second-hand smoke if the smokers were dispersed across campus. What a stupid idea.

    Ok I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one; it is a very big stretch to say that walking to class in the morning is akin to walking through a cloud of smoke. I've never seen more than 3 or 4 smokers gathered near the DUC, and if it bothers you that mucj you can hold your breath as you walk by them.

    Furthermore, did you visit WashU before the smoking ban was put into effect? If you did, you would know that there were often as many people smoking directly outside the library as I have ever seen down the entire length of Forsyth.
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  • AvgAsianAvgAsian 200 replies8 threads Junior Member
    International students who barely speak English and hold up the class.
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  • cobratcobrat 12207 replies78 threads Senior Member
    1. Classmates who are so passive in an advanced seminar type class that it turns into an effective lecture class and then get irritated at the few students like myself who do participate because they are bored out of their minds and frustrated at how such passive classmates missed the whole point of that class format. If you cannot be bothered to even try keeping up with the readings or aren't interested in participating in class when it only meets once a week, you have NO BUSINESS TAKING THAT COURSE!!!

    2. Fellow native-born US classmates who try to excuse their mediocre/failing academic performance because of their foreign-looking Professor/TA's "foreign accent" when their problems really stemmed from slacking off in the course/school. IME, every student who has made this complaint tended to be a lazy mediocre student trying to justify his/her C or lower level performance along with having serious issues with the Prof/TA's "foreignness". To worsen matters, some scapegoated Professors are actually native-born Americans whose English skills are miles ahead of most native-born US college educated adults.

    3. Professors who don't even make the pretense of trying to help their students ranging from lack of clear/any course expectations on the syllabus, lack/no office hours, leaving out information about their office location/contact info in case students have questions, or in an extreme case...actually running from the lecture hall as soon as the class ended and telling us students to "refer all questions to the TFs". No wonder some high school friends at that and other Ivies complained about how most Profs didn't seem that interested in teaching undergrads.

    4. Noisy dormmates who don't seem to understand that making noise past 10 pm on a weeknight and 12 am on the weekend does not tend to generate much goodwill from others....especially if they have an 8 or 9 am class every day of the week.

    5. Ornery classmates who cannot tolerate disagreement in discussions...whether in or out of class.

    6. A few private school/boarding school educated classmates who made snobby assumptions about other classmates' intellectual-level because they attended public school or *HORRORS!!*, especially an urban inner-city one. Had the last laugh when most of them ended up struggling with courses I felt were quite manageable.
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  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 5890 replies76 threads Senior Member
    Professors who don't answer emails.
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  • VanagandrVanagandr 715 replies15 threads- Member
    AvgAsian - I know the feeling. The professor keeps re-inventing the wheel and holding back others. I, on the other hand, just read the textbook.
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  • shogunzekshogunzek 197 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I also hate the fact that none of the bathrooms in the dorms I've been in (except 1) has paper towels or hand dryers. What's up with that.

    I'll admit, I live on the third floor and I always use the elevator. Three flights gets tiring after a while lol.

    I don't really like the socially awkward kids in my physics lab/recitation. It's just..awkward.
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  • mommusicmommusic 8232 replies69 threads Senior Member
    LOL Son is annoyed the campus dining halls don't open on weekends until 10:30. Guess he's a relatively early riser. :D
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