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Anyone else have a bad dorm experience?

hurrdurrhurrdurr 2 replies3 threads New Member
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I came to college as a shy person, but told myself I would meet people in my dorm. Going in, I was told it was antisocial since I guess it's some new kind of suite dorms where people bond with their roommates and not others on their floor as much, but I thought it wasn't true.

But I kept my door open all the time and always looked for other doors, but people rarely had theirs open and never came by my open one. This has led to me being alone all the time. As a result, I got discouraged and I reverted back to being a shy introvert.

It doesn't help that my 3 other roommates are always out basically from morning until night. I always see other suitemates doing stuff together, eating, haning out in their rooms, walking back to their room together and talking/laughing, etc, and I have to sit there knowing I can't.

Anyone else have a bad dorm experience?
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Replies to: Anyone else have a bad dorm experience?

  • zchryevnszchryevns - 1019 replies3 threads Senior Member
    People put way too much emphasis on the whole "dormies" idea. I never talk to 90% of the people living in my dorm; I don't even talk to my roommate very much. I generally just hang out with the people in the dorm next to mine because they're who I happened to become friends with.
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  • RoxSoxRoxSox 2168 replies11 threads Senior Member
    If you don't get to know people in your dorm you have to branch out. Talk to people in your classes, join clubs, etc. I don't know the people on my floor, nor am I friends with my roommate. Many of my friends live a few floors above me (I used to live in a different dorm and then they were a few blocks away). Some live in another dorm entirely, I met them through my classes. Sometimes it doesn't always work out, just try something else.
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  • v3rtv3rt 55 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I didn't mesh very well with the people in the dorm I got put in September of freshman year, but I dealt with it and made friends elsewhere. But when I realized that social life at my school was dorm-centric enough that most people had at least a good proportion of their friends from their dorm and I had a very small one, I moved dorms and I'm a lot happier now living with people I get along with really well.
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